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Gateway Foundation Mental Health Month Starting Conversations About Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness and reducing stigma. To start our month-long conversation about mental health, we started asking some questions: Mental Health Awareness Month Millions of people in the United States deal with mental health disorders. Yet less than half receive help. Chances are you know someone with…

A Conversation About Being Sober and Becoming Happy With John MacDougall Gateway Foundation

A Conversation About Being Sober and Becoming Happy With John MacDougall

Dr. John MacDougall spent 30 years drinking alcohol and using drugs every hour of the day before being sober became a reality in 1989. He worked at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation for two decades as the director of spiritual guidance and now works as the spiritual care coordinator at The Retreat, a treatment center grounded in the 12-Step principles. He will…

Gateway Foundation Signs and Symptoms of Drug Drug Addiction and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

According to a 2017 article in The Washington Post, one in eight Americans have an alcohol use disorder and a 2017 Pew Research poll found that nearly half of U.S. adults have a close friend or family member who has a substance use disorder involving drugs. Do you know the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction? Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol…