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Sobriety and Social Media 

Sobriety and Social Media 

Let’s face it — we all use a substantial amount of social media every day, whether it’s for work, checking emails, connecting with others or for entertainment. From 2005 to 2019, the percentage of adults in the U.S. who used social media increased from 5% to 79%. It’s not only the U.S. who engages in extensive social…

social drinking vs alcoholism difference

Social Drinking vs. Problem Drinking: What’s the Difference?

Social drinking is a huge part of our culture. Alcohol is available everywhere, from bars and restaurants to people’s homes. It’s a popular way to socialize, relax and even celebrate special occasions. Occasional drinking or even drinking alcohol a few times a week is considered normal and harmless. This ingrained cultural attitude remains mostly unchallenged…

Pills to be turned in on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 2019

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 2019

Every year, there are horror stories about children dying from accidental drug overdoses. Many times, the children got hold of the drugs by going through the family’s trash. Under no circumstances is that an appropriate way to dispose of unwanted/unneeded prescription medications. Flushing medications down the toilet would also be unacceptable because of the potential…