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Chicago Kedzie Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Our Gateway Chicago Kedzie location in Humboldt Park provides patients with a sober living recovery home. The Kedzie home gives you a place to continue recovery after you finish residential treatment. We also offer outpatient recovery services at this Illinois facility. At Gateway Chicago Kedzie, you can get the support you need to stay on the path to recovery.

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Our Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Services

Many of the services we offer at Gateway Chicago Kenzie involve our sober living community. Our recovery home supports patients who finished our residential treatment program. Here, they get support in everyday living in addition to outpatient services. As part of our mission to support patients after treatment, we also serve our alumni at this treatment center. We provide events and weekly meetings that give alumni the chance to find community in each other.

We also offer outpatient services to our recovery home residents and any other patients who need help. These treatments include:

  • Individual and group counseling: Depending on the patient’s needs, we offer individual and group counseling. No matter which you choose, you can expect your substance abuse treatment program to be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy helps with overcoming addiction and preventing relapse. Through this short-term program, patients discover how to change their thinking, beliefs and values while also learning coping skills they can apply to future challenges.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy: Dialectical behavioral therapy centers around seven main components that help patients develop skills to manage their emotions. Therapy typically starts with identifying contributing emotions, thoughts and behaviors before patients develop a personalized treatment plan. 
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is a type of psychotherapy, helps patients learn how to accept their realities and increase Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. Once these skills develop, patients can then move on and take positive action. 
  • Motivational interviewing: At the Kedzie House, we help patients receive the engagement and encouragement they need to make a change through Motivational Interviewing. This therapy gets patients thinking about the positives of sobriety while helping them navigate the necessary steps to make that future a reality. 
  • Trauma therapy: Trauma can be acute, chronic or complex. No matter the type, patients will be able to join a Seeking Safety program. To accommodate those who are also dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, we also offer Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment.
  • 12-Step Facilitation: Our Twelve-Step Facilitation (TSF) is designed to reduce subsequent substance use. By participating in this evidence-based curriculum, patients learn how to heal and minimize relapse.

Everyone who receives our outpatient treatment has a personalized care plan that accounts for their unique needs.

What to Expect at Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center

When you first visit our outpatient treatment center, we will perform an intake where we talk about your needs. From the start, you’ll receive the necessary help and support to begin your journey to healing and recovery. We will ask about your drug use, medical history and situation. You’ll also get to tour the Kedzie House in Chicago and ask any questions you might have about our treatments or the recovery process. 

 Once we understand your experience with addiction, we will develop a personalized care plan designed around your needs. As you receive treatment, we can adapt this strategy in response to changing circumstances.

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Addiction Treatment Staff

The clinical team at Gateway Chicago Kedzie includes certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADCs), licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPCs) and a host of administrative and support staff. With over 80% of Gateway Chicago Kedzie’s population coming from the criminal justice system, the team is committed to understanding each person’s unique needs and circumstances and providing addiction therapy services that are right for them. The staff is vested in giving the population they serve the tools they need to save their lives.

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Sr. Executive Director

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Medical Director
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An Illinois Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center That Cares 

With a history of more than 50 years and one million people helped, we have the expertise you need. We offer patient-centered care with a personalized and evidence-based approach. Our facilities span the Chicago, Illinois area and include sober living homes like Chicago Kedzie, outpatient centers and residential facilities. This network enables us to provide comprehensive addiction care.

Gateway location on Chicago’s Kedzie Avenue has a full staff of counselors and support specialists ready to help you. Our care team includes certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADCs) and licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPCs). We also have administrative professionals and other team members who will help you get the support you need throughout the recovery processes.

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Components of Treatment at Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers

Addiction impacts the social, emotional and physical aspects of well-being. At Gateway, we aim to address all of these elements through comprehensive drug addiction rehab services. Discover how we approach each component of addiction:

  • Social: Case management, patient community activities, group therapy
  • Emotional: Individual and group counseling, dual diagnosis treatment
  • Physical: Medication-assisted treatment and other medical support

Let us help you manage all of addiction’s effects so you can raise your chances of a successful recovery.

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Chicago Kedzie’s Sober Community

Addiction recovery can appear to be confusing. Finding a support system is needed for a successful recovery. People who have been your support in the past may not be the people who support you in recovery. Having a sober community in place can make all the difference in staying sober. Gateway Chicago Kedzie works to create a community where all feel welcome and support each other.

Importance of a Sober Community

Undergoing addiction treatment forces people to change virtually every aspect of their life. Their habits, interests, and even who they choose to spend time with all may change after they finish treatment. This can create feelings of intense loneliness as they realize they can’t rely on the same friend group.

The addiction treatment staff at Gateway Chicago Kedzie fosters an environment of community and support for both current clients and alumni. Support for alumni is especially important, as they are striving to live independently while remaining sober. For this reason, we provide a variety of options for alumni to stay involved in our sober community.

For one, we offer weekly meetings that alumni are welcome to attend. These include other 12 Step Recovery Programs. In these weekly meetings, attendees discuss their current struggles and find comfort in others going through the same circumstances. For many, these meetings are vital for keeping them grounded and stable in recovery.

Gateway also puts on events for alumni to help them have fun and meet people in a sober environment. These events include lake parties, 5Ks, and more. These events are a great place to find sober friends and start rebuilding your support network.

Recovery Meetings Near the Kedzie House in Chicago 

Throughout the city and surrounding areas, there are several recovery meeting options, which help support patients in their journey to long-term recovery. By regularly connecting with others, patients can receive the support and encouragement they need to continue leading a healthy lifestyle and coping with their challenges positively.

Sober Activities Near Kedzie House

Chicago offers a wide variety of sober activities. Those who love shopping will appreciate the local stores, while sports fanatics can catch a game at the Cubs, White Sox, Bears or Blackhawks stadiums.

For a fun and educational experience, check out The Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo or Shedd Aquarium. At the nearby Lakefront Trail, you’ll discover rollerblading, biking and walking opportunities for you and your family.

Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence Rehabilitation Program

DUI Evaluation & Classes at Gateway Chicago Kedzie

When you experience a DUI in Illinois, you must follow set rules and meet certain requirements before getting your driving privileges back. Part of these requirements includes attending DUI classes and undergoing a DUI evaluation before sentencing. Gateway’s location in Chicago Kedzie simplifies this process by helping you meet your court requirements.

Court Required Evaluation After Illinois DUI

At Gateway Springfield, your mental and behavioral health come first during DUI classes. Therefore, your post-DUI treatment focuses on a clear assessment of your needs and to meet court requirements. After this evaluation, you gain a clear treatment plan that also meets your sentencing needs. Some treatment plans include:

When you experience DUI in Illinois, turn to Gateway Chicago Kedzie for your DUI classes, DUI evaluation, and treatment planning.

Visit Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center

At Gateway, we dedicate ourselves to guiding Illinois patients through every stage of recovery. Gateway Chicago Kedzie helps us achieve this goal by empowering patients to live sober lives. Call 773-839-4416 or contact our staff online to start your journey to recovery.

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