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Trusted Addiction Medicine.

Trust in the power of evidence-based practices to deliver outcomes that transform lives—that save lives. When you refer your patients to Gateway, you can trust in our ability to deliver outcomes that advance the recovery of thousands of patients and families every day. Working closely with you, our clinical team facilitates the creation of a highly personalized treatment program built for the unique needs of your patient. We believe in being superior professional resources for referring providers. These programs give us the ability to meet highly specialized and diverse patient needs for menwomen, young adults and adolescents alike. Some services, like our treatment for adolescents, now operate 100% online. This allows greater flexibility and ease for our patients.

It’s evidence-based, person-centered Addiction Medicine for individuals at any stage of recovery—for life.

Why Be a Referring Provider to Gateway?

A recognized leader in medically based treatment, Gateway provides the professional resources you can trust to help the individuals you work with get their lives back on track. With unparalleled expertise and clinical care, we deliver extraordinary outcomes—advancing, transforming and saving lives.

Yet, we know you need more than words—you need action. Through our ongoing communication and engagement, you’ll be confident in your referral to Gateway because we make the following promises to you:

  • We know your time is valuable and we’ll always respond to you as quickly as possible.
  • We’ll stay in communication with you, developing a communication plan that keeps you updated and informed on your patient’s progress.
  • Our team will engage with you and collaborate with you—from admission through discharge—to ensure each patient you refer to us gets the highest level of care.
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Addiction Medicine Experts and Quality Professional Resources

1. Press Ganey Survey Results, 2018

With more than 50 years of experience in treatment and recovery, and more than 1 million patients graduated through our treatment programs, Gateway meets a wide range of patient needs, making us an ideal partner for referring providers.

Evidence-based, science-driven and person-centered, Gateway is proven and trusted to offer highly customized treatment programs for patients at any stage of recovery. With unparalleled expertise and clinical care, we deliver extraordinary clinical and psychosocial outcomes.

Experts in Addiction Medicine, Gateway’s team is made up of highly skilled clinical and medical professionals with masters degrees and beyond. Psychiatrists, other physicians as well as nurses, counselors and therapists practice innovative and specialized treatment modalities across a full continuum of care.

Structured for dual diagnosis, trauma, family services and more, our approach to care is evidence-based, but built around patients to stay with them for life.

With a wide range of highly effective programs, including Residential with 24-hour nursing care, full- and half-day Outpatient and lifelong care, we can meet a wide range of needs for our patients—in the places where they need them most. Give us a call today at 877-377-2027 to discuss any needs you may have!

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