Ending a drug addiction is a bold and courageous move, but it isn’t something you need to do on your own. In fact, relying on professionals and addiction experts will make your recovery more relaxed, more comfortable and even more successful. Drug addiction treatment centers like Gateway offer the support you need to fight back against addiction once and for all.

Medical Support and Assistance

Sad woman on sofa at thinking about drug addiction treatment centers for herselfDrug treatment centers focus on the whole person, which means that all aspects of recovery are covered. At Gateway, that includes medical support. While drug addiction is not just a physical disease, there is no denying that it can impact your physical health. Addressing physical needs ensures that clients are healthy enough to continue with their ongoing recovery.

For many clients, medical support begins with Withdrawal Management.as some clients might have lingering withdrawal symptoms. Whether these are severe or just inconvenient, medical professionals can reduce the discomfort and risk to clients.

Clients can also benefit from Medication-Assisted Treatment. This is especially true for those who struggle with opioid addiction. Certain medications can reduce the impact of opiates in the event of a relapse, which could be the difference between a stumble and a full-blown relapse.

Peer Support at Drug Addiction Centers

Drug addiction treatment centers offer professional support and the advice of addiction experts, but sometimes peer support can be even more valuable. At drug treatment centers like Gateway, clients will be able to grow in a supportive environment that includes their peers.

In group therapy, participants will be able to communicate with others who are in similar situations. Since drug addiction can be isolating, knowing that others are going through the same thing can be a tremendous relief. Clients have the chance to talk, socialize and relearn how to communicate while sober. Best of all, they can see others who have successfully battled drug addiction and come out on the other side.

Learning to Find Joy and Fulfillment Outside of Drug Abuse

Drug treatment centers can and should place emphasis on what clients can’t do anymore. After all, sobriety is all about not abusing drugs. However, true wellness and health are about so much more than just abstinence from drugs. That’s why drug addiction treatment centers should also focus on helping clients find joy and fulfillment in life.

Sometimes, that starts with developing mindfulness. Practicing gratitude each and every day can definitely improve a client’s mindset and outlook on life. Alternatively, clients can begin to pick up new hobbies and passions. Falling in love with yoga, jogging or even art can bring joy to life and remind clients that sobriety doesn’t mean a life of boredom.

Some clients also want to explore their future. Planning ahead can be essential, and that can start during drug addiction treatment. Clients might think about resuming their careers or even heading back to school. Crafting a plan while in rehab makes it easier to turn a dream into reality.

Understanding the Underlying Issues Behind Addiction

While treating the effects of drug abuse and addiction are important, drug addiction treatment centers can also expose the underlying issues. Clients rarely decide to become addicted to drugs. Instead, addiction develops because of other factors.

During addiction treatment programs clients will be able to pinpoint those factors and resolve them, if at all possible. Sometimes, factors like a traumatic event or a mental health disorder are concerns. The inability to manage stress or environmental factors can also be at play. By exposing these issues, clients will be stronger and more resilient in the face of temptation and triggers.

What to Expect From Quality Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Gateway, a nonprofit, in-network rehab, includes a number of drug treatment centers in and around Chicago, Illinois. Clients who choose Gateway can expect comprehensive and customized care. There is a range of programs to choose from, and just some of them include:

Drug addiction treatment centers can help clients fight back against drug addiction. At Gateway, clients will have access to the resources necessary to embrace a life of sobriety. Work toward your recovery goals by calling 877.505.4673 today.