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Our Team

Gateway Leadership & Board

Board of Directors

Gateway is governed by a board of directors whose distinguished members are visionary leaders. The group leverages their experience in all phases of operations for the betterment of the individuals that we serve.

Executive Leadership

Gateway’s executive leadership is a team of seasoned professionals with in-depth experience in substance abuse treatment.

Marc C. Turner, MS

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Gregg Dockins, CCJP, LCDC

President, Gateway Operations Community Services Division & Gateway Corrections

Tomas Del Rio

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Molitor, MS

Vice President, Information Services

Roueen Rafeyan, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Patricia Sanchez-Aitken, MBA

Vice President, Human Resources
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Our Team

Gateway prides itself on hiring the most credentialed, qualified, experienced and compassionate team members throughout the organization. We know first-hand that the quality of care delivered, is based on the quality of the person delivering the care. From our Board and CEO to our counselors and psych techs, everyone in the organization has been hand-picked and has undergone a thorough evaluation before joining our team. Many of our team members are in recovery as well and have experienced what our patients and families are going through. We believe in a servant-leadership philosophy which means that no matter what position someone has, we are here to serve those around us.

gateway foundation team

Corrections, Gateway’s Sister Division

Gateway Corrections serves men and women in secure in-custody settings as well as community corrections programs. As the largest nonprofit corrections treatment provider, we currently have 42 correctional treatment and/or service locations in six states including Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas and Wyoming. We are proud to serve nearly 8,000 people every day.

The overarching goal of all services provided by Gateway Corrections is to affect a reduction in an individual’s potential for relapse and recidivism through a broad spectrum of programming, which includes comprehensive assessment of offenders’ risks and needs; interactive group processes; individual therapy; recovery knowledge and skill development; relapse prevention and reentry preparation and support. Our treatment approach is based on decades of experience, evidence-based and best practices, training and research. Services are gender-responsive and trauma-informed.

In addition to direct treatment services, Gateway Corrections also provides facility management and supervision for several community corrections programs. We are proud to provide proven solutions for criminal justice involved persons—services that reduce recidivism and rebuild lives.

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