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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Aurora, IL

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We can Help

Accepting you have a drinking problem is the first and most important step to recovering from alcohol addiction. If you live in Aurora, IL, and you’re ready to get the help you need, we invite you to visit our Gateway Foundation alcohol use disorder treatment center. Your treatment will involve various evidence-based services customized to your unique needs to help you conquer addiction’s hold over your life.

If you’re ready to heal your mind, body and emotions from the negative influence of alcohol, we encourage you to experience our professional treatment for alcohol addiction in Aurora, IL.

The Signs of Alcohol Addiction

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Weekend binge drinking or hiding your drinking from others are both signs that you struggle with alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a cycle where you’re unable to control your drinking habits, or you experience withdrawal when you try to stop. Anyone from any background can develop an addiction to alcohol.

As you continue to drink more frequently, alcohol can alter your brain chemistry, leading to dependence and eventual addiction. While the signs may be milder in some people, there are often red flags that an alcohol use disorder is developing:

  • Experiencing an inability to limit alcohol consumption
  • Experiencing a reduced tolerance to alcohol
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking
  • Fantasizing about drinking
  • Spending large amounts of time drinking
  • Frequently recovering after excessive alcohol consumption
  • Battling intense cravings to drink
  • Continuing to drink despite alcohol’s negative impact on your life
  • Neglecting responsibilities at home and work to drink
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How Treatment at Gateway Foundation in Aurora, IL, Works

We believe no one should have to break free from alcohol addiction alone. The Gateway Aurora team includes highly trained medical professionals and licensed clinical counselors to ensure you receive the specialized support you need. We work to create an environment of respect where individuals can focus on their recovery goals.

Our alcohol addiction support services include:

  • Medical care: From withdrawal management to medication-assisted treatment, medical support addresses the physical withdrawal symptoms you may experience as your body adjusts to sobriety.
  • Peer support: Within our Aurora treatment center, you’ll develop camaraderie with others seeking to recover from alcohol addiction as you live together, socialize and engage in group therapy.
  • Counseling support: Therapy is an essential aspect of recovery. From individual counseling to family therapy, we offer a wide range of counseling services to help you confront the underlying causes behind addiction.
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Learn More About Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services in Aurora, IL

If you’re looking for a treatment center for alcohol addiction, we offer the right solution. After 50 years of service, Gateway Foundation is one of the best alcohol rehabiliation centers in Aurora, IL. If you are ready to learn more about our individualized treatment programs, please reach out to us today.