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Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment Centers

If you are at a point in your life where alcohol is a necessity, you have developed an addiction. While you might want to seek help, you might not be able to leave your regular life to get it. If you have work, school or family responsibilities preventing you from seeking Residential Treatment, outpatient alcoholism treatment is an option. With the flexibility of scheduling therapies and services, outpatient treatment helps you begin your journey towards a sober life.

At Gateway’s outpatient alcoholism treatment centers, we offer continuous support during your journey to recovery. We believe addiction is a lifelong disease, so we provide you with the skills needed to enjoy lifelong success at alcohol addiction treatment centers. We practice Addiction Medicine that merges holistic practices to heal your body, mind, and spirit with evidence-based services backed with scientific research.

Benefits Provided by Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment Centers

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While it is possible to overcome alcohol addiction by yourself or with help from family or friends, it is more likely you’ll achieve better success by attending outpatient alcoholism treatment. With treatment, you can benefit from the care, guidance, and support of experienced medical professionals. At Outpatient Treatment centers, you learn the skills needed to cope with challenging situations and to enjoy a sober life. You also maintain accountability during our program and beyond. Through treatment, you also engage with therapists and other patients to learn to socialize without resorting to alcohol.

Best of all, Outpatient Treatment provides flexibility through scheduling choices during the morning, afternoon and evening. It also allows you to continue working, going to school or taking care of your family while you seek treatment.

Because you are not forced to take a long absence from your real life, you also retain your privacy. You do not have to provide explanations to employers, teachers or family members for extended absences. Finally, outpatient alcoholism treatment centers Illinois are also more affordable since they usually cost less than Residential care. We do not want cost to stop you from seeking help, so we also accept in-and out-of-network insurance coverage and we’ll verify insurance coverage.

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What to Expect from Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment

At our outpatient alcoholism treatment centers Illinois, you can choose when to attend therapies and services depending on your schedule. While you are not in a controlled environment all day, you still have access to support from our medical professionals. If you are struggling when you are not in our center, you can reach out to our therapists for help. Best of all, your treatment is personalized. Our staff works with you to design a treatment plan that best addresses your history, conditions and personal requirements.

The care provided at outpatient alcoholism treatment centers continues even when you complete our programs. With aftercare treatment and an active Recovery Community, you can remain accountable and focused on sobriety throughout your life. Our Recovery Community also offers opportunities for you to help others who are going through a similar journey to sobriety. You can share your story with them and lead support groups and activities.

Evidence-Based Services and Therapies Lead to Sobriety

If you are serious about getting sober and leading a healthy life, you need services that work to help you overcome addiction. When you enter outpatient alcoholism treatment at Gateway, we provide a continuum of evidence-based services. These services have been proven to help over a million patients for the last 50 years. The addiction treatment programs and therapies we offer include:

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Education Programs

Our outpatient alcoholism treatment also includes education. One of the programs we offer is a DUI education program, to help you avoid making choices with negative results.

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You can Overcome Alcohol Addiction and Lead a Sober, Successful Life

Don’t put your life on hold. Seek outpatient alcoholism treatment by calling Gateway today at 877–377–2027 or contacting us online to start your journey to sobriety.