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Virtual Addiction Treatment

Virtual Addiction Treatment

For many people in addiction recovery, the security and accessibility of virtual treatment are vital. It means ongoing care is available when you need it, and that hope is within reach no matter where you are in your recovery journey. 

Virtual outpatient addiction treatment can help you regain control of your life if you are struggling. Virtual addiction treatment programs provide flexibility, so you won’t have to worry about distances or schedules to receive care and support from licensed professionals. Continue reading to learn more about how virtual addiction treatment works and its many benefits. 

What Is Virtual Treatment?

Virtual treatment is the use of technology to provide health care services to clients, removing the need to travel for care. Virtual addiction treatment also includes scheduling convenience since it doesn’t involve meeting for in-person sessions, instead utilizing technology such as telephone-based services, video visits, videoconferencing, texting or virtual chats, and other web-based tools.

What Is Virtual Treatment?

The term telehealth is also commonly used to describe broad virtual healthcare services, such as online therapy, outpatient programs, and telemedicine solutions available to consumers. Programs can treat people with mental health or addiction issues, relationship or sexual health problems, and other challenges. 

Examples of virtual therapy programs include:

  • Using an app to access therapy
  • Talking to a practitioner with videoconferencing software
  • Phone and email-based therapies, such as a mental health professional suggesting specific mindfulness techniques via email

A virtual therapy session will be similar to an in-person session. Clients might discuss their emotions, seek insight into relationships and implement lifestyle changes with help from a licensed mental health professional.

Benefits of Virtual Addiction Treatment

Virtual outpatient addiction treatment comes with several benefits and advantages for clients, including:


One of the most significant benefits of online drug addiction treatment is its convenience. With virtual addiction counseling, there’s no need to hurry to accommodate appointments or worry about traffic. Sessions only require a stable internet connection and a smartphone or computer. You’ll also need a confidential space where others cannot hear you. 


Unlike in-person sessions, you have complete control of your environment to make it as comfortable as possible. You can wear cozy clothing, cuddle with a pet and have your favorite grounding tools easily accessible while receiving care from your home or office.

Flexible Scheduling

With virtual addiction treatment programs, you can access therapists who can accommodate various appointment times to fit your schedule. Most healthcare providers offer custom addiction treatment with flexible schedules to address your unique needs. With telehealth services becoming more prominent, healthcare professionals are working to provide more flexible scheduling for people than ever before. 

Flexible Scheduling


Online addiction treatment offers programming and services that make addiction therapy and services more accessible than ever. With a helpful online platform, you’ll have access to group therapy or individual sessions from your phone or computer just by signing in and clicking into your session at the scheduled time. 


Depending on their preferences, participants can even schedule virtual group therapy programs at different times of the day and week.

Licensed Therapists

When you opt for online addiction counseling, you’ll have access to licensed mental health professionals who are experienced and qualified to deliver the care you need. It’s essential that you know the license your therapist has and that they practice safe and competent care. It’s also good to ensure they are maintaining all requirements to have an active license, which is renewed every 2 years.

Licensed Therapists

Make sure you are getting professional and competent care by working with a top-quality addiction treatment center. Professionals can provide safe and effective mental health treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Various Forms of Communication

Whether you need quick and easy care via email, phone or computer, virtual outpatient addiction treatment can help. These services provide the convenience you need from the comfort of your own home, with a team of addiction specialists ready to deliver prompt care when you need it through various communication platforms.

Security and Confidentiality

Like in-person addiction treatment, privacy is the top priority in an online addiction treatment program. Your services will be provided through a secure telehealth network that keeps your information safe. While inpatient addiction programs take various steps to manage confidentiality and keep your identity safe, virtual programming provides an extra layer of security.

Security and Confidentiality>

When attending in-person sessions in your area, you may be naturally concerned about seeing someone you know. In a virtual addiction program, you participate in individual and group therapy sessions that start and end at the same time, all from your own home. Any group participant is required to maintain the confidentiality of group members.

This layer of added protection may be helpful if you’re concerned about confidentiality and privacy. In group sessions, the only information shared is your first or preferred name. If you ever have concerns about security or privacy, your clinicians can work with you to solve the issue and create the most comfortable space possible. 

Individual and Group Opportunities

Virtual addiction counseling provides individual and group therapy opportunities like in-person treatment. Most people choose one or the other, but there may be opportunities for hybrid treatment through virtual and in-person components.

Individual therapy sessions allow you to create and work toward specific unique goals, explore the connections between your past and present and gather insights into yourself and your substance use.

Group therapy focuses on learning new concepts and skills you can practice in your everyday life between sessions and then sharing that experience with the group for feedback and encouragement. Group therapy also allows you to process your life events, feelings, and experiences as they relate to your recovery for support and validation. 

A virtual group therapy program gives you many options for types of therapy. You can participate in a specific group that consists of members with struggles similar to yours. This way, you feel more comfortable sharing your experiences with people who can relate, which can help you better in the long run. 

In-Person vs. Virtual Treatment

No matter where you are in your addiction recovery journey, finding the right treatment is crucial. Whether you’re starting therapy for the first time or thinking about transitioning to virtual addiction counseling, here are some factors to consider.


The most significant difference between online and in-person counseling is the method of communication. In-person addiction therapy takes place in a therapist’s office or residential treatment center, where you can meet with your therapist face-to-face. These sessions can be beneficial as they make it easier to pick up on body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbal communication.

Online addiction therapy is face-to-face with a technological barrier. Instead of meeting in your therapist’s office, your sessions are held over video chat, phone call, or text messages, depending on the platform and your preferences. Therapists may ask to confirm a patient’s physical location each session just in case a crisis situation arises during an appointment.

Online therapy platforms employ confidentiality to communicate with clients, so you won’t have to worry about risking your privacy or confidentiality during a virtual addiction counseling appointment. 



Virtual therapy is a much more convenient option for those with a tight schedule than in-person counseling. Instead of attending both individual and group therapy sessions every week, you can log onto the website for your appointments from the comfort of your own home. Most therapists offer flexible scheduling options so you can choose the appointment time that fits your schedule.

For instance, say you have work or school obligations or family to tend to. Instead of struggling with access to in-person therapy, you can easily access quality mental health treatment from your own home — all you need is a reliable internet connection and a quiet, private space. Virtual therapy can be especially beneficial for clients who lack transportation, live far from addiction specialists, or have a disability. 


Research shows that online counseling provides the same quality of care as traditional therapy. One study found that online cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is no less effective than face-to-face counseling. However, while teletherapy can effectively treat many mental health issues like addiction, it may not be suitable for everyone.

For instance, online therapy might not be the best option if you have a severe addiction or co-occurring mental illness that requires more intensive or in-person communication. Still, virtual addiction counseling provides many benefits, and accessing it from your home or office makes it easier for prospective clients to take the first step. 



When you’re seeking addiction treatment services, the cost is an essential factor. Virtual addiction treatment costs are generally the same as in-person treatment — however, with virtual therapy, you won’t have to pay for transportation. 

Additionally, many insurance companies cover mental health treatment costs for in-person and online sessions. You’ll want to check with your insurance provider to ensure your health insurance covers telehealth or in-person sessions so there are no surprises later on.

How Does Virtual Addiction Treatment Work?

How Does Virtual Addiction Treatment Work?

Virtual addiction treatment and management have evolved significantly over the years. While virtual addiction counseling delivery varies by the types of services the clients needs and their access to digital technologies and devices in their home environment, two common forms of telehealth include:

  • Addiction virtual hub therapy services: Most medical and health care providers provide addiction virtual hub or portal therapy services. An addiction virtual hub therapy login is password- and username-protected and can be easily accessed via the internet. These interactive, web-based accounts allow clients to review their therapy activities, check health history, exchange emails and contact information with a therapist, request medication refills, schedule appointments, and view lab or test results.
  • Virtual counseling sessions: Rather than a face-to-face medical visit or counseling session, online addiction treatment programs allow providers to deliver mental health treatment over the phone or through video conferencing. Video chats can be conducted from a client’s home and will be confidentially handled to protect a patient’s information and health records.

The Virtual Addiction Treatment Process

Are you considering online substance use disorder treatment? When you opt for online addiction counseling programs through Gateway Foundation, we can help you wherever you are in your recovery journey, providing ease and convenience for your needs.

Using the core evidence-based addiction programs we are known for, Gateway delivers the same level of support and care in our virtual outpatient addiction program. With technological improvements and more people preferring to work or attend school from home, virtual counseling is becoming more accessible every day.

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, our online outpatient addiction programs mirror many of our in-person treatment aspects — just through a different medium. Our teleconferencing platforms are HIPAA-compliant to ensure your confidentiality, allowing you to see and hear the other participants in your individual and group therapy sessions.

The Virtual Addiction Treatment Process

The process of virtually treating substance use disorder includes:

Medically Assisted Treatment

Just because your addiction treatment takes place on our online platform doesn’t mean our commitment to your care is any different. Our licensed and compassionate staff will get to know you virtually and help develop an individualized treatment program that matches your needs and goals. 

Medically assisted treatment can help make your recovery successful and sustainable with the following virtual services:

  • Co-occurring treatments to address addiction and underlying mental health conditions
  • An adaptable format to meet your unique circumstances and obligations
  • A program that is always with you and on your side, wherever you go 
  • Addiction experts with experience in recovery and medicine deliver safe and convenient treatment
  • Medications if needed to address withdrawal symptoms, addiction cravings, or underlying mental health conditions
  • A stable and consistent alumni program to support you in virtual treatment and beyond

Studies show that medically assisted treatment is an effective form of care for people with substance use disorder to maintain recovery and prevent overdose.

Medically Assisted Treatment

Group and Individual Therapy Sessions

You’ll work with a highly experienced addiction counselor in group and individual therapy sessions to treat substance use disorders and any co-occurring conditions. Therapy sessions first address the underlying issues of your addiction, which are unique to every client.

Some clients may struggle to process their emotions in a healthy way. For these patients, dialectical behavioral therapy can be highly beneficial. For clients who have trauma, trauma therapy can give them the encouragement and confidence to continue forward. Addressing the underlying issues instead of just the addiction symptoms is critical for your long-term health and wellness.

Addiction therapy will also focus on building healthy habits. You might learn healthy hobbies like cooking, exercising, journaling and reading. Establishing a healthy routine can go a long way toward your recovery success. 

Holistic Treatment

Evidence-based treatment is just the foundation for recovery. The best approach for clients is a holistic approach that treats the complete person rather than just the addiction. Mindfulness techniques help clients reduce stress and avoid relapse. At the same time, these treatments can give clients the power to move forward. 

Virtual counselors can also help you build therapeutic art practices to help you replace maladaptive coping mechanisms. Activities might include painting, drawing, playing or creating music to calm the mind and promote self-expression to treat substance use disorder. Therapeutic art is also a healthy way to express deep-seated feelings or thoughts while examining the effects of addiction.

Alumni Support

Alumni Support

We live in an ever-evolving technological world. Recovery from substance use disorder is a lifelong process that takes continued effort and focus. With the Gateway Connect app, you are never alone in your recovery journey. You can stay connected with Gateway alumni by simply downloading the app to your phone, tablet, or computer. The services encourage recovery in several crucial ways, allowing you to benefit from the following: 

  • Peer support
  • Social activities
  • Educational workshops
  • Online learning opportunities, such as links to resources, blogs, podcasts, and books

With our interactive tool, you can receive support and empowerment when you need it most, straight to your device. 

Online Learning Opportunities

Gateway Foundation also provides Explore Recovery, a virtual safe space for friends, individuals, or family members interested in learning about recovery options. These convenient and free online educational sessions are led by credentialed professional staff as they help participants learn about the disease of addiction, address stigma and learn how to explore recovery. 

Online Learning Opportunities

Explore Recovery also provides a Q&A session with same-day screening and admission available. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Addiction Treatment

We’ll now answer a few common questions about virtual addiction treatment.

1. Who Do Program Participants Interact With Virtually?

During individual counseling, you’ll meet one-on-one with a licensed addiction counselor. Group counseling includes other people participating online, with your counselor marking the people there simply for documentation purposes.

While you may feel group therapy is less personal, many prefer it as it allows a range of possibilities to build stronger relationships online. Virtual addiction treatment helps you form bonds without physical limitations. You might have more time to join a virtual community that would have been too far from your home if you had attended in-person sessions. Our addiction virtual hub therapy services can strengthen your recovery efforts.

2. Is Gateway Connect Programming Covered by Insurance?

Many insurance plans cover the cost of Gateway’s virtual outpatient programs, so you might only have a minimal out-of-pocket expense. Additionally, outpatient care, which includes our virtual treatment options, is generally the more affordable addiction treatment option.

3. What Types of Virtual Treatment Does Gateway Offer?

At Gateway Foundation, we provide various forms of online treatment at the same quality as our in-person addiction therapy programs. Our addiction virtual hub therapy activities include a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, online learning opportunities and assignments, psycho-educational groups, and medication-assisted treatment.

Gateway Foundation can treat a range of conditions in virtual treatment, including:

  • Online gambling addiction treatment
  • Online gaming addiction treatment
  • Online opioid addiction treatment
  • Online alcohol addiction treatment
  • Online benzodiazepine addiction treatment

Through telehealth, clients can also attend family therapy sessions and access addiction support resources and other essential information. Topics include co-occurring disorders, addiction therapy, relapse prevention, mindfulness, and creative recovery, among other topics, to help treat your substance use disorder holistically and effectively. 

Get Virtual Addiction Treatment at Gateway Foundation

While substance use disorder is a complex condition, virtual care programs can provide effective treatment when and wherever you need it. At Gateway Foundation, we provide online outpatient programs and other evidence-based treatment options to help you recover safely and successfully.

Our compassionate and licensed addiction specialists can create a custom treatment plan to address your needs and help you meet goals wherever you are in recovery. From individual and group therapy sessions to medically assisted therapy and ongoing treatment plans, we can help you reach sobriety and work toward better overall health and wellness.

To learn more about our virtual outpatient programs, contact us today. 

Get Virtual Addiction Treatment at Gateway Foundation

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