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Mens Young Adult Rehab Center

Table of Content

Table of Content

About 3 in 10 young men engage in binge drinking and are more likely than young women to engage in the activity.

Life-Saving Mens Young Adult Rehab Based on Science

Nearly three in 10 young men engage in binge drinking, and they are more likely to engage in this activity than young women. At Gateway, the Young Men’s Program provides personalized treatment for young men ages 18-26 struggling with substance abuse. We understand that highly specialized treatment for addiction needs to respect where a patient is in life and the unique pressures they face.

Our men’s young adult rehab program incorporates evidence-based practices that meet a patient where they are and provide the skills needed to manage the many changes in life.

Trauma-informed therapy and relapse prevention are integrated in your young men’s rehab center so patients can move forward free from substance abuse and live a life in recovery.

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What to Expect

We build personalized treatment plans based upon the severity of the addiction. In addition, we take mental health and dual diagnosis into account. Our therapists individualize care for each patient in our mens young adult rehab center.

Gateway offers Residential, Outpatient and Recovery Home Treatment. This creates a full continuum of care for all stages of recovery. We use evidence-based, person-centered Addiction Medicine to help people heal for life.

Our model helps Gateway patients and their families to enter into sustainable recovery.

Care at Every Stage of Recovery

Our Young Men’s Programs offer a full range of care to meet all needs.


At Gateway, our mens young adult rehab center offers Residential Treatment. The availability of 24/7 care gives young men the ability to begin recovery in a controlled environment, helping them to create a strong foundation. Each individual in this program receives a customized treatment plan that includes a variety of therapies. This plan will also detail length of stay, though that can change depending on progress. Once a young man graduates from our Residential Program, it can benefit him to go on to Outpatient.

Full-Day Outpatient

Those who have a strong support system at home or have graduated from a Residential Program can find value in a Full-Day Outpatient Program. Through this program, patients continue to receive the same intensive care that they would in Residential Treatment. The main difference is that they’re able to go home at night and continue growing in their recovery with their family around them. Moreover, we offer services to help family members understand addiction and begin recovery as well.

Half-Day Outpatient

Half-Day Outpatient Treatment provides a flexible option for young men to be able to continue working or going to school while receiving treatment at a mens young adult rehab center. This program takes place three days per week for three to five hours each day. It’s a great option for young men who have already laid the groundwork for their recovery but still need additional support.

General Outpatient

Finishing any type of intensive addiction treatment is heartening, but it shouldn’t be the end of the recovery journey. In fact, it should just be the beginning. A General Outpatient Program allows young men to continue returning to counseling and group therapy once-per-week for the long-term. Moreover, a once per week session like this is easy to work around a work or school schedule.

Recovery Home

Being a young man in today’s society comes with a lot of peer pressure and expectations, not all of them conducive to recovery. Living in a Recovery Home for a period after finishing Residential and Outpatient Treatment helps individuals get their feet underneath them and return to a sober, supportive environment every day. Additionally, patients can continue participating in Outpatient Programs while living in one of these homes.

Alumni Engagement

Participating in an Alumni Engagement Program provides young men with a strong support system throughout their addiction recovery. A big part of this is being able to participate in sober social activities with other like-minded individuals. At Gateway, anyone who has participated in one of our programs is welcome to continue their journey in our Alumni Engagement Program.

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“Counselors in our Young Men’s Programs assist with comprehensive recovery planning to facilitate a healthy transition to independence and adulthood, while also starting to heal family relationships.”

David K. Woods

Executive Director, Lake Villa

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