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Relapse Prevention

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Relapse Prevention

Addiction is a pervasive disease that affects virtually all aspects of your life. Namely, it influences your mood and thoughts. Further, it disrupts your career, relationships, and financial health. Sometimes, it leads to legal risk for possession or DUI charges. Plus, it reforms the brain and changes how neurons send signals in your body. Therefore, seeking quality drug addiction treatment centers like Gateway is an excellent first step. However, the 30 to 90 days of inpatient services can’t immediately “cure” addiction. Indeed, rehab only begins an ongoing process to stay clean. Recovery requires much more than just stopping drug or alcohol intake. Thus, recovery training is suggested to reshape your lifestyle completely. Fortunately, Gateway has created a relapse prevention plan to reach abstinence rates as high as 100 percent.

Importance of Relapse Prevention

Maintaining sobriety long-term is an uphill battle for most addicts. Substance use disorders are chronic, so they don’t go away following rehab. Typically, the stress of everyday life can interrupt or completely derail recovery efforts. For example, being unable to find work could cause someone to seek comfort in a bottle. Seeing old friends getting high might make one give into drug cravings. In fact, Current Psychiatry Reports found that around 17 in 20 people return to substance use within 12 months.

Relapsing once or twice is common and shouldn’t make you give up. In fact, Gateway never places blame or views relapses as failures.

Nonetheless, we’re concerned with protecting your safety and health with relapse prevention education. Namely, we want to avert overdoses that can happen when your tolerance level drops.

Steps in a Relapse Prevention Plan

First, Gateway will conduct an assessment to appraise your history. Here our skilled counselors will determine the factors that could cause recovery stumbles. Second, you’ll work together to write a detailed relapse prevention plan. In other words, you’ll map out your responses to several triggering scenarios. For example, you could plan to attend a support group meeting when feeling lonely.

Similarly, you might designate a friend to call when feeling emotional pain. Next, our counselors will give you the tools to stay sober. Accordingly, you’ll have healthy alternatives to drugs for relapse prevention. Potential activities include journaling, meditating, hiking, swimming, and painting. Lastly, Gateway will recommend the right aftercare services. Our 16 US locations offer multiple options from 12-step recovery to an Alumni Community.

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Holistic Relapse Prevention Techniques

Filling your relapse prevention plan with several coping strategies is Gateway’s mission. Before leaving rehab, we’re dedicated to preparing you for real life. We’ll help develop lasting sober relationships to rely on during crisis moments. And our staff teaches you how to avoid past enablers and old places that supported your habit. Instead, you’ll get involved with new people, hobbies, and aftercare groups to distract you from triggers.

Foremost, Gateway will show you how to create productive daily routines. For instance, you’ll schedule recreational activities between work or school to lessen idle time. Meanwhile, the clinicians might customize a Medication-Assisted Treatment program. If so, you’ll follow the relapse prevention plan exactly for each prescribed dose. Overall, our excellent programs will get your mind, body, and spirit ready to withstand relapse threats.

Learn to Avoid Relapse at Gateway

Do you fear losing your way in recovery? Then, welcome Gateway into your support system for relapse prevention. Founded in 1968, our Chicago-based addiction treatment programs are the country’s largest nonprofit drug and alcohol abuse specialist. In short, we’re applying evidence-based treatment methods to help recovering individuals each day. Specifically, our team provides our patients with the skills and awareness needed for enduring sobriety success. Beyond withdrawal, we treat addiction along with its underlying roots. Hence, we proudly offer a long list of premier options, such as:

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Break the Addiction Cycle for Good

Let Gateway tailor a relapse prevention plan for your needs. Ultimately, relapse prevention is the focus of our accredited Illinois substance abuse headquarters. Call us today at 877–377–2027 or contact us online to find your fresh start and lasting happiness.

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