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Rehab Aftercare Program in Illinois

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Table of Content

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Rehab Aftercare

One would think that after submitting to 30-90 days of addiction treatment, the path would be clear for a lasting recovery. In some cases, that would be true. Unfortunately, the recovery process is still in its infancy and subject to relapse pressure. While walking out the door of rehab after treatment, the patient should feel proud of their achievements to that point. However, there are still mountains they need to climb. That’s why rehab aftercare plays such an essential role in the recovery process.

What is Rehab Aftercare?

Once free from the structure of rehab, the patient faces life without the safety net of ever-present counselors. They then face the prospects of making their own decisions, knowing their triggers and temptations are out there ready to test their resolve.

The truth is most of the people leaving rehab are going to need a little help in the coming days to stay sober.

That help is available through rehab aftercare programs that the addiction treatment facility will likely make possible.

Rehab aftercare begins the moment treatment concludes. There is usually a list of aftercare resources the exiting patient will have at their disposal. Therefore, as part of our rehab aftercare for Illinois residents, Gateway offers several useful options. We design each opportunity to give the patient more time to get their legs under them before walking the path of recovery on their own.

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Rehab Aftercare Programs – Four Options

Typically, patients are going to get access to several types of aftercare programs. Each program provides a vital resource of support to the recovering addiction sufferer. At Gateway, we offer rehab aftercare for Illinois patients as follows:

Let’s look at these options a little closer.

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Additional Outpatient Counseling

Sometimes, a little additional outpatient counseling is all it takes to keep a patient on the path of recovery. Outpatient therapy programs are also available at regularly scheduled times or on an as-needed basis.

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Access to 12-Step Meetings

12-Step meetings (AA & NA) are a great support resource for someone who is new to recovery. As part of membership, everyone has to stay sober and be willing to work the 12-steps of recovery. The steps allow the individual to admit they have a disease, a chance to identify the people they may have harmed, an equal opportunity to make amends to said people when possible and a way to focus on the future as a sober person. As a support mechanism, there’s nothing more powerful than one addict helping another. This is truly one of the best addiction recovery support groups available.

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Sober Living Access

Some exiting patients are just not ready to take on the responsibilities that lie before them. In this case, a sober living home gives each resident additional time to distance themselves from their addiction. The house will help them develop more structure in living while they continue building support resources. Sometimes, group members from sober living homes become a great source of support in the future.

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Alumni Programs

Addiction treatment centers like Gateway love to offer rehab aftercare alumni programs. They design these programs to bring former patients together to discuss recovery and the prospects for a great future. Therefore, it’s an excellent time for everyone to celebrate recovery together.

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More About Gateway

Before offering our patients rehab aftercare, we first have to get them onto the road of recovery. As part of a non-profit national organization, we also strive to give the best care possible. That care comes in the form of evidence-based therapy, which we integrate with holistic treatment options. For example, a partial list of our services includes:

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Gateway is Here to Help

After treatment, we want to assure you that you will not have to walk the path of recovery alone. At Gateway, we offer rehab aftercare options to keep you safe from relapse and harm. For more information about our services, please call us at 877-379-6748 or contact us online.

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