Heroin addiction is a problem that continues to grow. Overcoming your heroin addiction takes a combination of factors. A strong support community, evidenced-based therapies and a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine all contribute to your healing. This is what our heroin addiction treatment centers offer you when you are ready to seek recovery.

Mom trying convince son to check into one of Gateways heroin addiction treatment centers in ChicagoOur heroin treatment centers provide a safe space where you can seek the help you need to overcome your addiction. You can count on our experienced, compassionate staff of doctors, therapists and other professionals to help you through your process. At Gateway, you learn to identify and deal with the situations and conditions that might have contributed to your addiction. We support you from the first step of Withdrawal Management through our heroin addiction treatment program and beyond. We believe addiction is a lifelong illness, so our program includes post-treatment support with our active Alumni Community.

What to Expect at Our Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers

At our heroin addiction treatment centers, you can find Residential, Outpatient and aftercare programs designed to fit all your needs. With the focus on your particular situation, our personalized plans include Dual Diagnosis Treatment for other mental health conditions or trauma you might have suffered. Our highly specialized programs include adult men’s and women’s programs as well as fully-online treatment for adolescents.

You work closely with our medical professionals to create an individual heroin addiction treatment program. Your individualized plan might include Medication-Assisted Treatment to help you manage withdrawal symptoms. These can include cravings, mood swings, fever, and pain, which can be uncomfortable. You can expect a holistic approach to Addiction Medicine, which treats your body, mind, and spirit, healing the whole person. Treatment options include a Residential Treatment setting in our heroin treatment centers, which allows you to pursue your recovery without additional distractions. You can continue treatment in an Outpatient capacity. This is also an option if you cannot leave your normal life for an extended period due to your obligations.

Therapies to Help You Recover

With a wide range of Evidence-based therapies, you can find comfort in knowing that your personalized heroin addiction treatment program will provide you with the tools and skills you need to overcome addiction and return to real life. In our heroin addiction treatment centers, you work at overcoming your addiction, while developing healthy nutrition and exercise habits. You also acquire the skills necessary for stress management while working on positive interpersonal relationships. Through Individual, Group and Family Therapy, you explore possible addiction triggers, while participating in our proven treatment program. At our heroin treatment centers, we include therapies and programs such as:

Our Lifelong Recovery Community Offers Continuous Support

Our heroin addiction treatment centers include lifelong support to keep you focused on recovery once you return to your real life. When you complete our treatment program, you learn about your strengths and how to build on them and use them. You also learn about the triggers that you must overcome and manage and how to handle situations where these triggers might be present. To help you remain on your path of recovery, we invite you to participate in our strong Recovery Community. There, you can find people who have gone through situations similar to yours. You can participate in addiction recovery support groups, lead support groups and help plan activities for other recovering patients. We also offer you the possibility of sharing your own story of recovery with others. Finally, you can reconnect with therapists when you need them.

When you are ready to overcome your heroin addiction, you can depend on getting the help you need in our heroin addiction treatment centers. Call us today at 877.505.4673 and start your recovery journey.