The number of people who have a mental health illness in the United States might be a surprise. However, many of them don’t get help. Maybe there are too many mental health treatment centers and they feel overwhelmed looking for one. Knowing what to look for can make the process simpler.

About Mental Health

Smiling close up of woman after finding mental health treatment centers Illinois hasFirstly, it’s important for people to understand mental health. It refers to mental and emotional well-being. In general, they’re healthy and happy when they have good mental health. It makes them resilient and allows them to deal with stress, trauma, and other hardships without breaking down.

Several factors can affect people’s mental health, including genetics, biology, daily habits, environment, and life-changing events. Those who have a healthy mental state can stay positive and help others. They also enjoy time with loved ones and ask for help when they need it.

When people have mental illnesses, they’re unable to cope during troubling times. While some can’t control their emotions, others can’t control their behavior. In any case, they need help from mental health treatment centers Illinois provides, like Gateway.

Services at Mental Health Treatment Centers

When it comes to choosing a treatment facility, people need to focus on their specific needs. Their goals differ from other people, so everyone’s treatment plan varies too.

However, which treatments will best support their recovery? The staff at mental health treatment centers Chicago offers can help them choose the right services. Despite that, it doesn’t hurt to go into treatment with some knowledge of the services available.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment isn’t necessary for everyone, but some people need it to manage their mental health disorder. Antidepressants, for example, improve symptoms such as poor concentration, sadness, lack of interest, and lack of energy. Many people in mental health treatment centers Illinois offers only need them while they address the cause of their depression.

Also, facilities may use anti-anxiety, mood-stabilizing, and antipsychotic drugs during mental health treatment. Other medications might be necessary in cases of substance use disorder, which is also a mental disease.

Variety of Talk Therapy

The mental health treatment centers that people choose should offer several types of talk therapy as well. Doing so allows the staff to create personalized treatment plans for each person.

During talk therapy, people discuss their conditions and related problems with counselors. Therapists teach them about their illnesses and how they affect their behavior, moods, thoughts, and emotions. Then, people can learn stress-management and coping skills to manage these elements.

Each type of talk therapy takes a slightly different approach to improving mental and emotional well-being. Counselors at mental health treatment centers Illinois can assess their situations and select the best therapies to help them. When treatment plans don’t produce the expected results, though, therapists modify the plans accordingly.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It’s common for people to have more than one mental health disorder, especially when one of those disorders is an addiction. The reason is that the brain becomes susceptible to other illnesses when drugs cause a chemical imbalance.

In such cases, people must get Dual Diagnosis Treatment at mental health treatment centers Chicago trusts. This approach can address both problems at the same time. When they only treat one disorder, the untreated illness can cause a relapse of either disease.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing treatment is a necessity for many people who stay at mental health treatment centers Illinois. Living at the facilities gives them safe environments in which they can focus on getting better. Leaving those environments may cause a lot of stress that could lead to adopting old, bad habits. Aftercare services can provide continued support as they transition from treatment to normal life.

Get the Mental Health Care That You Need

Are you in need of treatment for a mental health illness? Gateway is a group of drug rehab treatment centers in Illinois. Although our focus is on treating alcohol and drug addictions, we offer Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment to address underlying mental disorders.

Gateway centers provide all of the above services that are necessary for comprehensive mental health care. Some of the talk therapy methods that we use include:

Don’t let a mental health illness lead you down the wrong path. Get the help that you need at one of our mental health treatment centers. Call Gateway at 877.505.4673 for more information about how we can help you manage your mental health.