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Schedule an Assessment

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Schedule an Assessment

When making a call to Gateway you will be greeted by one of our care coordinators who will guide you through a quick and easy process to start you on your path of recovery! Some of the questions we will ask you, are focused on your needs and what you have been going through. After this quick and confidential assessment, we will be able to tell you which program and level of care are best for you and what your insurance will cover. All of our calls are confidential and you will be greeted by people who truly care about your wellbeing. You can call now at 877-505-HOPE(4673) or chat us.

Trust Gateway to Help

Acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step toward healing and taking your life back into your own hands. It’s natural to be afraid of the next steps in your journey to recovery, but you don’t have to take them alone. Consider reaching out to our clinical experts here at Gateway. We’re here to help. You can also reach us at 877.381.6538.