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Addiction Therapy Services

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Gateway offers comprehensive treatment to those who are struggling with addiction. Our treatment goes beyond addressing the physical symptoms and instead focuses on every aspect of health and wellness. By incorporating a long list of addiction therapy services, Gateway can deliver customized, effective care to those who need it most.

Customized Care

Addiction isn’t an issue that plagues just one part of the population. Men and women, teens and seniors, professionals and students: They can all struggle with substance abuse and addiction. While many people have addiction in common, that doesn’t mean rehab should be one size fits all.

True recovery often needs to be tailored to the individual client.

At Gateway, we recognize the importance of customized care. No two clients will share the same story, which means that they also deserve a unique treatment plan. Part of providing personalized care means understanding the individual, their past and their goals for the future. A complete assessment paves the way for tailored care that can meet clients where they are and get them where they want to be.

Treating the Underlying Issues

Addiction therapy services don’t just address the symptoms of addiction. Instead, the best addiction therapy services focus on the underlying issues. These are unique to every client, and addressing them is the key to recovery.

Some clients may struggle to deal with or process their emotions appropriately. For these clients, dialectical behavioral therapy can make all the difference. For clients who suffer from a past trauma, trauma therapy can give them the strength to move on. Focusing on the underlying issues, rather than just placing a bandage on top of them, is critical for real and lasting wellness.

Starting with Evidence-Based Treatment

Holistic therapy services can and do have a place in the recovery process. Even at Gateway, holistic therapies are readily available. However, the root of treatment should be evidence-based. These addiction therapies are proven to be effective and backed up by medical science.

Evidence-based treatment might include Medication-Assisted Treatment. While not all clients require medication in the fight against addiction, some do. Medical professionals can prescribe the right medication that won’t interfere with recovery or become addictive in the future. Clients can also establish a plan for medication use that sets them up for success in the years to come.

Building a Network of Support

Many addiction therapy services are effective because they show clients that they aren’t alone. In a 12 Step program, for example, participants see just how many of their peers are going through the same sorts of challenges. Group therapy is a brilliant way to encourage communication and establish peer friendships that can last for a long time.

Medical professionals like nurses or therapists can also become part of a support network. Clients know that they can come to these professionals for medical or emotional support.

Finally, the family is an integral part of the support system. That’s why family counseling and intensive family therapy is often a big part of addiction therapy. Recruiting loved ones into the recovery process means that they are more informed and prepared to offer support for years to come.

Encouraging Lifelong Healthy Habits

Addiction therapy can also focus on developing healthy habits. Clients can learn more about cooking and preparing nutritious meals. Whether it’s relating to physical fitness or mindfulness and spirituality, establishing a healthy routine can set clients up for future success.

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Locations and Services

There are many different addiction therapy services available at Gateway locations. When you choose your site for treatment, rest assured that you’ll have access to a wide range of services and treatments to aid in recovery. Call 877-381-6538 to learn more and to begin your journey to recovery today.

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