Gateway Rehab treats a national audience at our 16 drug and alcohol treatment centers in Illinois

Gateway is a national provider that has 16 convenient drug and alcohol treatment centers in Illinois to serve our patients in the places and communities they call home. We put our patients at the center of their substance abuse treatment—life-saving treatment that stays with them throughout their lives. Through individualized treatment, we’re able to help them discover what will work best for them in their journey to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.



Our Drug Treatment Center Programs

Each one of our drug and alcohol treatment centers offers a number of therapies and programs, including Withdrawl Management, Residential TreatmentPartial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Outpatient Programs, and Sober Living Homes. Which program a patient chooses largely depends on their needs in rehab. Some thrive in an Outpatient setting, while others do best with the around-the-clock model that Residential Treatment provides. Effective treatment close to home gives people the flexibility they need to engage in a program that will meet their needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Therapies

We offer a full continuum of substance abuse treatment for adults at our drug and alcohol treatment centers. Whether one of our clients is dealing with a co-occurring disorder or prefers to only attend treatment with individuals of the same gender, our numerous facilities are able to provide them with the treatment that they need.

At Gateway, we employ a variety of addiction therapy services that aid in treatment. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Trauma Therapy are some of the most common that our therapists use to help patients begin on the road to recovery. Each of these treatments and therapies is part of a larger overall program, specifically designed for individual patient recovery at one of our 16 drug treatment centers in Illinois. To speak to someone about treatment at a Gateway center, call 877.381.6538 today.

Our Treatment Centers in Illinois