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Gateway Accepted Insurances

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Gateway Accepted Insurances

As patients begin planning for rehab, one of the first questions they have is how to pay for it. Fortunately, rehab is typically covered by insurance. That’s especially true in the United States, which means that addiction treatment is available to virtually everyone. If you’re not sure how to get started, take a closer look at rehab insurance coverage options.

Does Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

In a word, yes. Currently, laws in the United States require all health insurance policies to cover some form of addiction treatment.

Addiction is a substance use disorder, which is considered part of a person’s essential health. Therefore, all insurance providers need to offer coverage for addiction treatment.

Of course, there are many different types of health insurance out there. Each provider may have limitations on coverage, and that means every patient needs to be aware of their policy’s fine print.

Overall, however, it is safe to assume that if you have any kind of health insurance, then you’ll also have some kind of rehab insurance coverage.

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In-Network and Out-of-Network Rehab Insurance Coverage

Just about every major health insurance provider will have what is known as a network. This network is a group of healthcare providers. It might include primary care physicians, hospitals, and addiction treatment centers. Sometimes, health insurance providers will encourage their patients to stick with treatment that falls within their network.

For some reasons, this can be a suitable choice. If the rehab provider you feel is the right choice also happens to be within your network, then you’re in luck. Coverage may be a little easier to organize, and the rehab center will typically coordinate payments directly with your health insurance provider.

However, don’t feel that you are limited to in-network addiction treatment. Rehab insurance coverage can and does also include out-of-network care. It merely means that you or your rehab program of choice may need to show how valuable the services will be.

If Gateway isn’t part of your health insurance provider’s network, don’t worry. You can still get the treatment you deserve and the rehab insurance coverage you need to pay for that treatment.

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Understanding Deductibles

Before you can submit a claim to your health insurance provider, you might need to pay a deductible. This is essentially a predetermined cost that comes out of pocket before your health insurance policy will cover remaining costs. Not all health insurance policies include deductibles, but many do.

It is essential to take a look at your individual policy and look for a deductible. Sometimes, the deductible could be a few hundred dollars. In other cases, it could be thousands. Make sure you know what to expect so you’re not surprised when you take the next step toward rehab and ongoing treatment.

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Let Your Choice of Rehab Help Handle the Financial Side of the Equation

Figuring out insurance coverage and how to pay for rehab can be overwhelming. Even if it seems complicated, financing should never stand in the way of your recovery. Fortunately, this isn’t something you need to work out on your own.

Once you’ve decided on the program and the rehab center that is best for your future, reach out. Part of the admissions process will involve getting health insurance information. Then, experts can explain what will be covered by your policy. Professionals who work at Gateway can ensure that patients get the coverage and financial support available to them on the way to recovery.

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Rehab Insurance Coverage Includes Addiction Treatment

At any of the Gateway locations, staff can help you understand and verify your coverage and the costs of treatment. Call 877–381–6538 to learn more and to take the next step toward lifelong recovery.

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Insurance FAQs

If I Provide My Insurance Info, Do You Notify My Employer or Will They Find Out I’m Seeking Treatment if You Run My Benefits?

It’s important to Gateway to protect your privacy. Because we are a treatment facility we are not able to release any of your information to your employer, family, or friends without your written consent. The same applies to your insurance company, they are not able to release your information without your consent.

What’s the Average Cost Covered by Insurance? Or How Much Would it Cost With No Insurance?

The cost of treatment is going to be based on your specific insurance benefits. We try to be accommodating and make treatment affordable and accessible. If you provide your insurance information we can go over your specific benefits with you. Typically there is a co-pay and deductible and each depends on what you have spent that year to date and what your insurance plan requires. Paying out of pocket is an option at $800 a day but, we recommend using your insurance benefits as it will be significantly less expensive.

Will I Have to Pay Anything Out of Pocket?

You may have to pay a portion at the time of your admission. If you provide your insurance benefits our financial counselors can verify your coverage and assist you with answering any questions you have regarding payments and out of pocket costs. We work with people on financial plans to help with the cost if needed.

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