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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The way people think and their beliefs and values are often at the core of addiction. If you want to change your life and overcome addiction, you first have to change your thinking, beliefs, and values. As a result, your decisions and behavior should also improve. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program helps you successfully overcome addiction by focusing on your thinking, beliefs, and values.

At Gateway, we believe in offering Evidence-based therapies to assist our patients on their recovery journey. We provide the tools necessary to overcome addiction and prevent relapse. Because we also know that addiction is a lifelong illness, we provide compassionate Addiction Medicine and support you can depend on. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Illinois is just one of the programs we offer to help you with your recovery.

We have helped over a million patients overcome addiction in 50 years of service, through our Residential, Outpatient, and Alumni Engagement programs.

Our facilities provide small, intimate programs where you can build connections within our supportive Recovery Community. You can share your goals and challenges with people who are going through similar situations.

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Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program is a short-term program designed to help you change your patterns of thinking and behavior. As part of the program, our therapists teach you coping skills so you can face any life challenge that comes your way. This treatment encourages you to be proactive about solving the problems in your life.

The benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Chicago are far-ranging. They include addiction relapse prevention, modified behavioral patterns, and a new focus on the solutions instead of the problems. If you have suffered trauma, a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program can also help you. During therapy, you learn how to deal with the stress in your life without substances. The goal of the program is to help you replace negative feelings with positive ones while you learn how to accept your problems. Acceptance then helps you face your challenges and focus on solving them.

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What to Expect from Gateway’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Illinois

During our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program, you can expect our therapists to use CBT during Individual and Group Therapy sessions. During therapy, you switch your focus from the past and the behaviors that might have led to an addiction, to the present. After we identify current stress, our therapists teach you the skills you need to cope healthily with them. As a result, you behave more in sync with your values and beliefs. During our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Chicago, our therapists help you to recognize successful strategies you can use to achieve your goals.

Gateway Therapies and Services

At Gateway, your personalized treatment is our primary concern. Our experienced staff works together to design a treatment plan to meet your particular needs. We use a range of Evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments so we can heal your body, mind, and spirit. Besides targeting thinking and behavior through our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we use other therapies, including our Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. At our facilities, you can depend on our knowledgeable staff and supportive community while you take part in treatments and services such as:

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Learn More About How We can Help

At Gateway, our mission is to help you succeed with the goals you set out for a healthy life. We support you through your entire recovery journey, from Withdrawal Management to interactive opportunities in our Alumni Engagement program.

If you want to change your thinking patterns and behavior to overcome addiction, our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program provides the tools you need. Call Gateway today at 877–377–2027 and begin the journey to a new, healthy you.

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