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Located in Chicago’s southwestern suburbs, Gateway Joliet offers an accessible place for recovery. Our centrally located office in Joliet has easy access to I-55 and Route 30. By providing a convenient location and flexible hours, we make treatment attainable for our patients. Learn more about our high-quality drug addiction treatment center near Joliet, Illinois.

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Services at Our Joliet Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Our team offers a wide range of addiction therapy models and medical services. As one of our patients, you may receive treatments such as:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: By incorporating prescription medications, our team of experts can help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms. Our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) helps make the recovery process easier while decreasing the chances of relapse.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Through cognitive behavioral therapy, patients start their recovery journey by learning how to change their thinking, beliefs and values. While our evidence-based therapies help patients overcome addiction, we also teach coping skills that individuals can apply to future challenges.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy: Dialectical behavioral therapy begins with patients identifying how their emotions, thoughts and behaviors can contribute to addiction. Then, the program, which has seven main components, teaches what skills are needed to regulate these emotions. 
  • Group and family therapy: Patients who prefer to heal alongside others will find several options at our recovery center. Whether it’s through a group therapy program or family therapy sessions, our patients will find support and learn how to stay sober.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a type of psychotherapy that enables patients to accept realities, move on and take positive action. By increasing their Mindfulness-Based Sobriety, patients will be well equipped to begin the road to recovery.
  • Motivational Interviewing: To encourage patients to fully commit to their recovery, our team of experts offers Motivational Interviewing for alcohol and substance therapy. By thinking about the positive benefits of sobriety, patients are more motivated to make a change.
  • Trauma therapy: At our recovery center, we also help patients dealing with acute, chronic or complex trauma. This therapy can be combined with a Seeking Safety program, where patients learn how to make safe choices, or Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment, which is specially designed for patients with co-occurring disorders.
  • Mindfulness-Based Sobriety: Instead of encouraging people to focus on the past or future, Mindfulness-Based Sobriety is all about being grounded within the present. Patients learn how to recognize and progress beyond their current feelings through personalized therapy sessions. 
  • 12-step recovery treatment: This recovery treatment, which uses a well-researched and evidence-based curriculum, involves patients in a 12-step fellowship (TSF Manual) to reduce subsequent drug or alcohol use.

You can get some or all of these services, depending on your needs. Let’s work together to create a treatment plan that works for your symptoms.

Enjoy All Kinds of Nearby Sober Activities

Whether you’d prefer to spend your time relaxing or staying active, you’ll find many sober activities nearby. Patients of all ages will have fun and make memories at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park. If you are looking for a way to spend some time outdoors, head over to the Pilcher Park Nature Center with your family. 

The Rialto Square Theatre and the Joliet Area Historical Museum are close by as well, offering plenty of educational and entertainment opportunities year-round. 

Compassionate Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in Illinois

Gateway network of treatment centers supports patients in recovery from addiction. As part of this network, we provide the high level of care possible through more than 50 years of experience. Our addiction clinic uses evidence-based and patient-centered practices that save lives.

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Addiction Treatment Staff

Gateway Joliet clinical team consists of certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADCs), as well as licensed staff such as licensed professional counselors (LPCs), licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPCs) and licensed social workers (LSWs). The compassionate and supportive team works with patients to combine Medication-Assisted Treatment with psychotherapy and counseling to ensure patients are able to sustain lasting recovery.

David Woods

Executive Director

Sandeep Gaonkar, MD

Medical Director

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Clinical Supervisor

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment at Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

At Gateway Joliet, we specialize in outpatient treatment. During an outpatient program, patients visit our facility for several hours a week while staying at home. Outpatient addiction treatment allows you to:

  • Continue your daily obligations while receiving treatment
  • Maintain your support system at home, work and school
  • Receive a more affordable treatment option than inpatient services
  • Visit our Joliet treatment center during flexible hours
  • Get support when you have mild to moderate substance use disorder symptoms

If you have severe addiction symptoms or need a high level of structure, you might benefit more from inpatient treatment. Other clinics in our network can provide residential services if you need them. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any type of addiction. During your intake, we can help you determine whether you need a referral to another one of our locations.

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Our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center Outpatient Programs in Joliet, IL

We offer two primary addiction treatment programs — outpatient and half-day outpatient. Learn more about each model:

  • Outpatient: During outpatient services, you receive a variety of treatments tailored to your symptoms. We will create an individualized care plan that targets your needs. As you go through treatment, we will adjust this plan to change with you.
  • Half-day outpatient: Our half-day outpatient program offers the same benefits as our traditional outpatient services. If you have daily obligations, you can attend our half-day services as early as 10:30 AM. These flexible hours empower you to balance your obligations with your recovery.

As you progress through recovery, you can also transition from one program model to another. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that adapts to your symptoms and situation.

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Visit Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Joliet, Illinois

Your path to recovery begins here. At Gateway Joliet, we help Illinois patients like you take their lives back from addiction. Start your journey today by calling us at 815-458-5882 or contacting our staff online.