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Life After Treatment Now What?

Table of Content

Table of Content

During life after treatment, people will either enter a Recovery Home or return back to their old lives. Unfortunately, this sometimes exposes them to old habits and influences, which can be difficult to resist and increase susceptibility to relapse. Fortunately, there is ample advice and recovery support for this time in someone’s journey.

Join support groups

Whether it’s Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous or any other group, it is important to surround yourself with people who understand your experience and who are available in times of doubt or crisis. Gateway’s 12Step Facilitation can help connect people to groups near them before they even leave treatment.

Become engaged with the Recovery Community

Addiction is isolation; recovery is community. Getting involved with the Recovery Community connects people in recovery with others who are dealing with life after treatment. Gateway’s Recovery Community events are opportunities for all alumni as well as anyone in recovery to make friends and celebrate their success.

Establish routines

Make a schedule and stick to it, for your nutrition, your work and your personal time. This will ease the transition back into life outside of treatment.

Set boundaries and limits

It is important to let people in your life know that you are making this change and that you are fully committed to it.

Use your resources

All Gateway patients are eligible for free lifetime access to myStrength, a digital resource and app to help individuals set goals and stay motivated with their mental health and recovery once they complete treatment. Your Gateway team will also help you set up or refer you to continuing therapy and care for your wellness beyond treatment.


Pay it forward by dedicating your time to organizations you care about. You can also volunteer at Gateway’s events or groups. Feeling good about yourself and your contributions to your community will make it easier to say no to negative influences and yes to the life you want to live.

Stay in touch

Gateway’s connection continues after patients leave as alumni. Individual Gateway locations host alumni meetings and events and Recovery Community events are open to anyone in recovery. Sign up for our text and email alerts, and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for updates and inspiration.

Share your story

Listening to people share their stories of recovery can empower others to ask for help and change their lives. It reminds others they are not alone. Sharing your story is also a way to reflect on your progress and the struggles you’ve overcome. Contact us to share your story today.

With Gateway, treatment ends, but recovery is for life. If you still have questions or concerns about life after treatment, contact us today at 877.505.4673.

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