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Group and Individual Therapy

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Group and Individual Therapy

As you contemplate getting help for your addiction, you may be wondering what all of that entails. Assuredly, you can expect to go through a lot of individual therapy in search of the truth about your addiction. That’s an essential part of the treatment process as far as helping you figure out how to stay sober in the future. With that in mind, there’s another critical aspect of treatment that serves an equally important function during your substance use disorder treatment program. In one form or another, most clients spend time in some type of group therapy program. Let’s discuss further this aspect of treatment.

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Why a Group Therapy Program?

We use group therapy for Illinois clients for some particular benefits. Perhaps, the most important reason has something to do with looking at the client’s addiction problems through a different perspective. The real value of addiction group therapy is it brings together a group of individuals who have something to share with one another. While no one is required to share, we encourage it as part of the healing process.

The hope is the interactions that take place during a group therapy program will create synergy between clients. In many cases, that synergy has the potential to create an atmosphere where clients feel safe about opening up. At the end of the day, everything that takes place in our inpatient drug rehab Illinois trusts revolves around communication. Our counselors get some information during a client’s group therapy sessions. However, we often find there’s more under the surface that comes out during addiction group therapy. This information is equally vital to the treatment process.

The Benefits of Group Addiction Therapy

For sure, everything we prescribe in addiction treatment we prescribe for particular purposes. Ultimately, the things we do have to benefit our clients. In fact, we believe group therapy for Illinois clients creates several different benefits.

First, clients often enter rehab feeling some level of isolation. They feel misunderstood. A group therapy program setting makes clear no client is living on an island.

In fact, there are a lot of people experiencing the same problems in life. By exposing this truth, we find our clients take comfort in knowing they are not alone.

Second, many counselors have experience dealing with addiction sufferers, but very few of them know about addiction on a personal level. In a room full of people with similar experiences, there’s going to be ample opportunities for them to help each other. The fact is they all have a unique story to share.

Regardless of the uniqueness of each addiction, the folks all have a common thread. Some aspect of their life leads them to misuse substances. While sharing this information, there’s a good chance each client will be able to identify with some of the others.

Finally, we have to consider the therapeutic value of one addiction sufferer helping another. That’s a powerful addiction treatment resource, and something our addiction counselors can’t provide because they know precisely what addicts experience. Through the sharing of stories about both addiction and recovery, there’s always the possibility each person in the room will extract value. This is the core benefit of a group therapy program.

Beyond Group Therapy for Addiction at Gateway

As a renowned non-profit addiction treatment organization, we maintain a lot of different treatment options in our arsenal. Our primary focus includes individual therapy, which we deliver through a combination of evidence based and holistic treatment options. It’s important to understand we view each client as a unique individual with a unique set of circumstance. For this reason, we tailor our treatment programs to address this uniqueness. Our treatment options include:

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Learn More About How Gateway can Help

When you decide to seek help for your addiction, you can expect to spend some time in a group therapy program. That’s an excellent thing. At the least, you will learn the importance of group support as part of the recovery process. If you want help from Gateway, reaching us for that help is as easy as dialing 877-379-6748.

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