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Gateway Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Jacksonville, IL

Located off Interstate 72, Gateway Jacksonville offers a quiet recovery space away from the city. Our relaxed, patient-centered environment will help you work toward a drug-free life. We understand that each of our patients has unique needs. To help every patient on their terms, we offer personalized treatments. Discover more about our Jacksonville clinic and how we can help you recover from addiction.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center Services in Jacksonville

Our behavioral professionals will help you manage the emotional symptoms of addiction with therapy services like:

As you receive treatment, you might participate in some or all of these services. Every patient has a therapy style that works best for them, and part of your treatment may involve finding the right option.

Program Models at Our Jacksonville Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Center

To meet a wide range of treatment needs, we offer programs with varying levels of care at our Jacksonville, Illinois, location. Patients who have daily obligations or an existing support system might benefit from an outpatient program. Meanwhile, patients who have more intensive needs could get more out of a residential or inpatient care model. At Gateway Jacksonville, our program models include:

Services like our sober living and recovery community programs can also help patients stay in recovery after treatment.

Gateway Foundation Jacksonville

Gateway Foundation

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Addiction Treatment Staff

Gateway Jacksonville is home to a team of certified and credentialed experts including certified alcohol and drug counselors (CADCs), as well as licensed staff such as licensed professional counselors (LPCs), licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPCs) and licensed social workers (LSWs). The staff is trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and offers compassionate, experienced care to help during all stages of recovery.

Trust our addiction treatment staff to help you every step of the way on your road to lasting recovery. To begin with our services, contact Gateway Jacksonville by calling 217.286.6991 today.

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Katarzyna “Kasia” Loniewska MSW, LSW, CADC

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When to Get Help from an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

If you have an addiction, professional treatment can provide the support you need for recovery. A drug addiction treatment center offers medical, social and behavioral services to improve your chances of a successful recovery. The professionals at a clinic can also determine if another health condition affects your substance use disorder. You could need help with an addiction if you have signs such as:

  • Uncontrollable use of a drug
  • Changes in behavior related to drug use
  • Inability to stop using a drug
  • Decline in mental or physical health after continued drug use

Let us support you in your recovery. We will help you determine if you have an addiction and build a treatment strategy tailored to your needs.

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Benefits of Visiting a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

A rehab center like Gateway Jacksonville gives you the following benefits during recovery:

  • Ongoing support during your recovery journey
  • Structure and routine to help prevent relapse
  • Support and supervision from medical and behavioral professionals
  • Multiple therapy options for different needs
  • A support system of peers also in recovery

When you become a patient at our treatment center in Jacksonville, you can take advantage of these benefits and more. We support all of our patients throughout their treatment and after they leave our program.

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Men’s Residential Treatment Center in Jacksonville

The battle against addiction can feel like an impossible one to overcome. However, with the right treatment and support, you can break free from the cycle. A full continuum of care that includes multiple levels of treatment will provide you with your best chance at successful, long-lasting recovery. For many, the beginning level of treatment should be a Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment Center.

Benefitting From a Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment Center

Men will find healing and the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives when they enter our Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment Center. Through residential treatment, we help men end their cycle of addiction, whether it be an alcohol or substance addiction.

At our alcohol and substance rehab center, we deliver personalized treatment approaches based on your specific needs and goals. We specialize in looking after the entire patient — mind, body and soul — while delivering evidence-based, innovative treatment models. 

Joining a Men’s Residential Addiction Treatment Center makes it possible for you to fully immerse yourself in treatment. Instead of dealing with distractions like work, you can direct all your energy and focus to your recovery, building a strong foundation for long-term healing. 

With 24/7 healthcare services, we’ll ensure you stay safe as you begin treatment. With options such as professional monitoring and medications for withdrawal symptoms, you’ll always have the healthcare tools you need at our residential facility. 

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Gateway Jacksonville Recovery Community

While most would believe that entering treatment is the hardest step towards recovery, the truth remains that leaving treatment is the most difficult. For months, and often years, you struggle with addiction and have grown accustomed to a life stuck in the cycle. Then, you spend substantial time within the walls of a treatment center. Once you reach the point of being back on your own, it can feel overwhelming and impossible. An addiction Recovery Community can provide you with the support you need to stay in recovery and avoid falling victim to relapse.

The Importance of Continuous Support

Your journey towards lasting recovery should never happen alone. However, many individuals experience isolation once they return home from treatment. While they may find themselves around their friends and family, there’s usually a disconnect. Your loved ones want to help you, but they don’t understand what you’ve gone through. This loneliness can lead to relapse after treatment. To avoid this from happening, turn to your addiction Recovery Community. Your peers in recovery have an understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences that your loved ones lack.

Isolation can also stem from no longer having friends. Many who struggle with addiction find themselves without a large group of friends once they remove those who encourage or trigger their drug use. This type of isolation can lead to depression, which can also trigger a relapse.

Having a strong support system within your addiction Recovery Community can help you stay on the straight and narrow road of recovery. When you begin to falter or find life becoming difficult, you have a group of friends who understand you and can help you.

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Discover Your Role in the Addiction Recovery Community 

Along with isolation, many patients find themselves walking aimlessly through life after recovery. Because addiction controls their lives, they don’t know what to do or who they are once they become sober. Becoming involved in your addiction Recovery Community can provide you with a sense of purpose after treatment.

Gateway Jacksonville hosts numerous events and activities for our alumni. Consider the following to help find your purpose within the addiction Recovery Community:

  • Mentor new patients entering treatment
  • Volunteer to work an event
  • Help plan and run an event
  • Volunteer your time at other helpful organizations
  • Attend meetings within the community
  • Host events for members of the community

Enjoy an Array of Nearby Sober Activities

Whatever your interests are, you’ll find plenty of fun things to see and do near our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Love history? You’ll want to check out all the sites and tours related to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

There are also several educational opportunities in the area, such as the Prairie Land Heritage Museum that you and your family can enjoy. Check out the local stores and antique shops, or spend a day relaxing at one of the spas and salons. Then, head over to Illinois Theater to catch a show.

If you want to stay active, you’ll find several parks and trails close by, like the Emma Mae Leonhard Wildlife Sanctuary and Trail, that are waiting to be explored. With a disc golf course, the Bob Freesen YMCA and the Jacksonville Skate Park also in the area, you can have lots of fun while staying fit and healthy.

Get Help from Our Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville, Illinois

Join the more than one million people who achieved recovery with Gateway’s help. With more than 50 years of history serving patients in the Chicago area, we have the experience to provide support. Schedule an appointment by contacting us online today or calling 217-286-6991.

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