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Steroid Addiction Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

Steroids act like synthetic versions of testosterone and can treat hormone imbalances or muscle loss. However, some weightlifters and athletes misuse steroids to increase muscle mass or their performance. They may take prescription steroids or “designer drugs” meant to stay undetected by a drug test.

Like many misused drugs, steroids have addictive properties. Illinois steroid drug rehabilitation treatment centers like Gateway support people with steroid addictions in their recoveries.

What Happens at Gateway’s Steroid Drug Addiction Rehab Centers in Illinois?

At Gateway, we take a personalized approach to care. We believe that successful addiction treatment takes all aspects of the patient’s life into account. In alignment with this value, we provide these benefits as part of our services:

  • Personalized treatment plans: Every patient has a treatment plan designed after their needs. We customize each care strategy based on the patient’s intake results and recovery journey.
  • Multiple therapy options: We understand the important role that behavioral services play in recovery. To address every patient’s goals, our therapists perform many kinds of counseling based on past experiences and symptoms.
  • Patient community initiatives: Our team aims to nurture connections among our patients. We achieve this mission by offering services like our alumni community and group therapy.
  • Support in healthy living: Addiction recovery involves improving wellness in every part of life. Our staff encourages patients to enrich their lives with life planning and hobbies such as meditation.

When you become a patient at Gateway, you get a lifetime partner in recovery.

How a Steroid Drug Rehab Treatment Center Can Change Your Life

Steroid drug addiction treatment centers help you achieve your goals and live a healthy life without drugs. Your care team will support you in:

  • Finding drug-free ways to improve your athletic performance and muscle mass
  • Improving your physical and emotional well-being with healthy approaches
  • Discovering a community of patients and advocates who support your recovery journey
  • Reconnecting with friends, family and loved ones
  • Returning to a productive life at home, work and school

Entering a steroid addiction program empowers you to set goals and meet them using the resources provided to you.

Treatments Provided During a Steroid Drug Treatment Program

A treatment program for steroid addiction like the one at Gateway combines medical and behavioral services. In other words, it addresses the physical and emotional elements of addiction. Two of the most common steroid addiction treatments include:

  • Behavioral therapy: During therapy, you will explore your thoughts and feelings about steroids in a judgment-free space. You will get the opportunity to develop recovery skills and coping mechanisms.
  • Medication: Certain medications can reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with steroid addiction. You may need to treat mood symptoms or restore your body’s hormone balance.

During your treatment, you will work with your care team to find the best approaches for your symptoms.

Signs of an Addiction to Steroids

You could have an addiction to steroids if you:

  • Have uncontrollable impulses to use steroids
  • Keep misusing steroids even when it affects your work, relationships and well-being
  • Spend increasing amounts of time and money on steroid use

If you suspect that you have a steroid addiction, you can get a professional screening from a treatment center like Gateway.

Side Effects and Risks of Steroid Misuse

The misuse of steroids can result in a wide range of risks and side effects. Steroids impact the cardiovascular, hormonal, and musculoskeletal systems, in addition to the skin and liver. Injecting steroids puts someone at additional risks too, such as infection and abscesses at the injection site.

People who misuse steroids may experience symptoms like:

  • Acne
  • Hormonal issues
  • Cholesterol problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Mood disorders

Some people who misuse steroids try to avoid these side effects by taking them in a certain pattern. However, researchers have no evidence showing that these practices reduce their risk. By seeking treatment for your steroid addiction, you can address these symptoms and prevent their progress.

Why Choose Gateway as Your Illinois Steroid Drug Rehabilitation Center?

Chicago-area patients visit Gateway because of our 50-year history and our compassionate team. We offer evidence-based treatment that has years of results in an accepting environment. To schedule an intake at one of our locations, contact us online today.