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12 Step Support

12 step support

What is 12 Step Support?

When you are ready to seek help for your alcohol or drug abuse, many programs can address your needs. One way to begin working towards a sober life is through a 12 step addiction treatment program. This treatment program is designed to offer lifelong support, in line with our beliefs at Gateway that addiction is a lifelong illness. Supported by research and proven to work, 12 step therapy involves following the 12-Step Facilitation model. This includes attending step meetings both in the treatment center and in the community. During this program, a counselor teaches you to integrate step support groups into your recovery plan.

12 step support

Benefits of 12 Step Addiction Treatment

When you enter a 12 step addiction treatment program, you gain the tools you need to return to your life and face challenging situations with a relapse prevention plan. From the moment you begin treatment, in an alcohol Withdrawal Management program, you can depend on the support of our experienced medical staff. Through therapy, aftercare and beyond, you continue to focus on recovery, sobriety, and health.

12 step addiction treatment provides you with a range of benefits that you can draw on throughout life. We offer a clear explanation of the step concepts, its history and its role in recovery. Understanding these concepts helps you to reduce anxiety over building new relationships with those who have shared experiences and can offer support. You also enjoy additional support from your involvement in step programs such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Additionally, we provide the opportunity to discuss your experience in your participation in a 12 step addiction treatment program. Finally, you have access to a forum where you can ask questions and seek help for your concerns.

12 step support

Recovery Doesn’t End When Official 12 Step Treatment is Competed

Once your official treatment ends, you continue to enjoy the benefits of 12 step addiction treatment. Because maintaining sobriety requires significant lifestyle changes, 12 step therapy provides the structure and routine necessary to support these changes. Attending step meetings also promotes your involvement with a supportive group where you can develop a fellowship. Just as important, meetings provide a method of accountability, since you will be held accountable for your attendance and actions. Through the relationships you develop with more experienced members of the group, you enjoy guidance and support. Finally, because 12 step meetings are available at many times of the day and in many different places, there is constant access and availability to support.

Other Therapy Services That Support Your Recovery

Our 12 step addiction treatment program is just one of the continuum of evidence-based practices we use to help you achieve sobriety as well as a healthy life. Our personalized treatment plans include a range of addiction therapy services and treatments proven to help our patients. These include:

At Gateway, we have helped over a million patients overcome addiction in our 50 years serving the public, using a 12 step addiction treatment program. We practice Addiction Medicine that uses holistic practices, focusing on the healing of the body, mind, and spirit, and evidence-based therapies. Our staff believes in compassionate patient engagement, so our treatment is focused on your history, conditions, and needs. Our facilities provide a safe space to seek treatment and concentrate on achieving success while living a sober life. Because we know costs can be a concern when seeking treatment, our facilities accept in and out-of-network insurance coverage and we’ll help you verify insurance. We empower our patients to take control of their own lives and their recovery journey. If you are looking for the best 12 step treatment center in Illinois, Gateway is your answer.

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Gateway Can Help

Sobriety is not impossible. With 12 step addiction treatment, you can live a full, healthy, sober life. Call Gateway today at 877.381.6538 and make the first move to beat addiction.