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At Gateway Swansea, we use evidence-based practices to treat every aspect of addiction. Our intensive outpatient facility offers industry-leading care in a compassionate environment. Learn more about our treatments and why patients choose us as their provider.

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Our Evidence-Based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Treatments 

Our addiction experts offer treatments developed through innovative research. At Gateway Swansea, we consider addiction a treatable disease. With evidence-based approaches, we can help you manage your addiction symptoms for a successful recovery. We provide a range of industry-leading treatments, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help you change the thinking, beliefs and values contributing to addiction. Through this short-term program, you’ll learn coping skills and discover how to prevent relapse. 
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a type of psychotherapy that will help you accept your reality and increase Mindfulness-Based Sobriety. Along with acceptance, this therapy will also encourage you to take positive action.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: If you are dealing with co-occurring disorders, our outpatient and inpatient rehab center can treat both. We’ll determine the connection between the two conditions and use various therapies to treat them simultaneously. 
  • Individual and group therapy: Most treatments focus on individual therapy, but at our rehab center we also incorporate group therapy options. Connecting with others can ensure you don’t feel alone throughout your recovery journey.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: Patients who need support managing withdrawal symptoms will benefit from our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). By incorporating prescription medications into your treatment plan, your journey to sobriety will be easier. 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy: Our dialectical behavioral therapy consists of seven main components — all of which help heal the body, mind and spirit. You’ll learn how everything from emotions to behaviors contributes to addiction and how you can manage them.
  • Motivational Interviewing: Motivational Interviewing is beneficial for all patients, especially those who need a little encouragement to kick-start their recovery. During this treatment, you’ll focus on all the positive benefits of sobriety while coming up with the steps you’ll have to take to make that vision a reality. 
  • Mindfulness-Based Sobriety: Unlike other types of treatment that either focus on the past or future, Mindfulness-Based Sobriety concentrates on the present. By acknowledging and progressing beyond the here and now, you’ll discover ways to stay sober.
  • DUI classes: At our treatment center, we offer DUI classes for patients who need to complete court-mandated hours. Through these engaging classes, our counselors will explain everything, including the dangers and legal risks of driving under the influence.
  • Trauma therapy: If you are dealing with trauma, we offer personalized therapy programs. With options like our Seeking Safety program and our Dual Diagnosis Enhanced Treatment, you’ll receive the counseling and care you need to heal. 
  • 12-step recovery treatment: Our evidence-based 12-step recovery treatment is similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) fellowships. During this program, you’ll be actively involved in learning how to reduce subsequent use. 

We understand that everyone has a different experience with addiction and that successful treatment accounts for these differences. As one of our patients, you will receive a personalized care plan adapted to your needs.

Who Benefits from Outpatient Treatment at an Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center?

You may get more benefits from outpatient or inpatient care, depending on a variety of factors. Our outpatient services suit patients who:

  • Need a more affordable care option than inpatient services
  • Have daily obligations that they want to maintain
  • Experience mild to moderate addiction symptoms
  • Get regular support from friends and family

If you have severe symptoms or need a stronger support system, you may need inpatient treatment. We welcome anyone in need of help to schedule an appointment with us to find the right option. After intake, our team can refer you to another Gateway center for inpatient treatment if necessary.

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Swansea Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center

Recovery Meetings Near Swansea

Whether you are dealing with a drug or alcohol substance use disorder, joining a recovery meeting ensures you have the support and encouragement you need to stay on track even after treatment ends. By connecting with others at social events and educational workshops, you’ll be more focused and dedicated to your long-term sobriety.

Find Sober Activities in Swansea, IL 

No matter if you are a foodie or nature lover, you’ll find all kinds of sober activities in the Swansea area. Some local highlights you’ll want to check out include: 

  • St. Clair Historical Society Museum 
  • Fun Spot Skating Center 
  • Vintage Tea Room 
  • Labor & Industry Museum
  • Paintball Outfitters 
  • Town Hall Archery
  • Belleville Dog Park 
Swansea, IL

Addiction Treatment Staff

Gateway Swansea’s highly trained addiction specialists educate and develop relapse prevention goals for patients with substance use disorders. All of Swansea’s counselors are masters-prepared and many of them hold licenses in either social work or counseling. The team is caring and passionate about ensuring that patients receive the best care and leave treatment feeling prepared to use their skills to maintain a sober lifestyle. From an Intensive Outpatient Program to Addiction Therapy Services, you can count on our staff to help you maintain sobriety. For more information, contact Gateway Swansea today at 618.352.7050.

Winston Henry, CADC

Executive Director

Melissa Coffey MS, LPC

Clinical Supervisor

How Getting Help from a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center Can Improve Your Health

Addiction has many long-term effects on well-being that a treatment program can help you address. By getting help from Gateway Swansea, you can improve these aspects of health:

  • Cardiovascular health: Drugs can raise your heart rate and blood pressure, so stopping your use can help you improve heart health.
  • Brain function and emotional wellness: Addiction treatment can help you manage and reduce the cognitive effects of substance use disorder.
  • Kidney and liver health: With fewer toxins from drugs in your system, you can have better-functioning kidneys and liver after treatment.

When you get treatment for your addiction, you also reduce your risk of related health complications. For example, you can lower your chances of getting a serious disease or experiencing an overdose.

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Intensive Outpatient Programs at Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

An intensive outpatient program at our facility features daily treatment and therapy while letting you go home at night. As a result, this program empowers you to get similar care to inpatient treatment with more flexibility. The benefits of intensive outpatient care include:

  • Consistent treatment and therapy schedule
  • Ability to practice what you learn
  • Support from your loved ones at home
  • Opportunity to maintain personal and professional responsibilities

Outpatient care like we provide at our Swansea location gives you the flexibility to manage recovery alongside the aspects of life you consider important.

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Begin your journey to recovery today. The compassionate staff at Gateway Swansea will support you as you work toward a drug-free life. Schedule your first appointment by contacting us online today or calling 618-352-7050.