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Rehabilitation for Women

Each year, over 200,000 women die as a result of alcohol and drug addiction, with over 4 million women in need of treatment.

World-class women’s rehab. We’re with you for life.

Women are the fastest-growing population of U.S. alcohol and drug users, with 15.8 million women ages 18 or older having used illicit drugs in the past year. So we’ve created our science- and evidence-based rehab for women to meet the physical, psychosocial and mental health needs of females from every walk of life. Our women’s rehab center creates personalized plans that treat the whole person, recognizing the life experiences that brought them here.

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“The women’s programs create a feeling of unity among women, allowing each resident to connect with other women who have similar experiences, trials and tribulations. They show each other that their addiction, their trauma and their past do not define them. The women support each other, lift each other up and promote healing for one another.”

Sarah Kaiser, Clinical Supervisor, Springfield Residential

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What You can Expect

Depending upon the severity of the addiction or any existing mental health or dual diagnosis, treatment plans will be customized for and built around each patient in our rehab for women.

Whether patients require Residential, Outpatient or Recovery Home Treatment, Gateway offers a full continuum of evidence-based, person-centered Addiction Medicine for individuals at any stage of recovery—for life.

Together, we help patients and families achieve and sustain recovery.

Gateway is Here to Help

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Care at Every Stage of Recovery

Our rehab for women offers a full range of care to meet all needs.


Residential Treatment, commonly referred to as inpatient rehabilitation, is available for all of our patients—men or women. With 24/7 support, our female patients can fully immerse in the recovery process with few distractions for the best outcomes. Length of stay varies upon needs. After graduating from one of our therapeutic communities, treatment for women continues at an outpatient facility best suited to each patient.

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Full-Day Outpatient

A full-day schedule is sometimes needed for more intensive treatment. These therapeutic communities require a strong and stable living environment at home. Services and education for loved ones is also a big part of treatment at our women’s rehab center—the same as for all of our programs. Minimizing disruption to home life, as well as securing a safe place free from shame, ensures successful treatment outcomes.

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Half-Day Outpatient

This treatment schedule provides 3 hours of support per day, typically 3-5 days winding down as symptoms improve and is ideal with a strong support system, a stable living situation and the internal motivation to change. It is also appropriate after graduation from a therapeutic community when additional support is needed. Patients can remain at work or school throughout addiction treatment. Most insurance covers Intensive Outpatient, which provides a path to recovery without putting life on hold.

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General Outpatient

Group and individual treatment sessions once per week offer long-term support to patients in recovery. Outpatient Treatment can be customized based on work or school schedules and is offered at convenient locations close to home.

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Recovery Home

Sober living homes are best suited to those seeking transitional housing as they recover from their substance use disorder. Cost-effective, safe, sober and healthy environments provide a place to build strength in a recovery community and strengthen support networks. Outpatient Treatment is also provided at all Gateway Recovery Homes, so when it’s time to move forward, the support network can remain.

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Alumni Engagement

Recovery is a lifelong process, one that requires continued focus and support. Alumni engagement provides lifetime support following intensive treatment including ongoing group and one-on-one counseling, social activities and educational programming to help sustain recovery for life.

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“The feeling in this program is hope. It’s an opportunity to heal and grow in a way that many of our women have not experienced before. It’s truly touching to see them begin to believe in their own abilities and success.”

A’nna Jurich, MS, LCPC

Executive Director, Carbondale

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We specialize in women’s rehabilitation programs at the following locations:

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