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The Triumph Program, Achievement in Recovery

One of the greatest challenges today for working adults is balancing career duties and pressures with family responsibilities and life choices. When these stressors escalate and create a personal imbalance with health and family priorities, many men turn to substances as an outlet for relief.   For one in ten, this then turns into an addiction that requires medical and therapeutic intervention.  What’s missing in conventional addiction treatment is the ability for the patient to maintain a connection with work, recreation or education.  Without these vital connections, further pressure and stress build, and the individual fall further behind, only to be overwhelmed when they return to their regular schedule.  This can greatly impede success with recovery and abstinence.

Balancing Recovery with Responsibility

Having treated career professional patients for years, Gateway has now developed a 22-bed program for men who are looking to get back on track professionally, scholastically, and with their family.  Many men who are goal and career-driven have lost their way during this process and fall prey to addiction. Realizing that treatment for these individuals can’t happen in a vacuum, we have incorporated time into our patient’s schedules to address outside pressing issues and obligations, and access to computers for career or scholastic focus.  This time is utilized within the therapeutic process to address work-life balance, manage pressures, integrate life demands, and apply skills in real-time to better address all aspects of one’s life.

Today’s Man

Defining what is to be a man, and how one’s interpretation of being a man is expressed in one’s life, is an essential part of this program. Men are pressured in their many different roles – Roles such as father, son, husband, provider, friend, employee, and more, can leave little room for balance, spirituality, connection and self-care.  Defining these roles and expectations, and bringing balance to one’s life is essential for living a life of sustained recovery.  The Triumph program focusses on this and gives men the needed skills to be successful in defining and living in an integrated way.

Our Program Includes:

  • Thorough assessments including the Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM) and Recovery Capital
  • A professional group focused curriculum
  • Offsite Professional groups
  • Structured work/computer time
  • Upgraded accommodations with Flatscreen TV’s in every room
  • Fitness and recreation time
  • Co-occurring disorder focus, including gambling, gaming and relationship issues
  • Nine evidenced-based practices
  • Meals and snacks prepared by seasoned executive chef
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment*
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Full continuum of care, including medical withdrawal management, residential, and outpatient
  • Outside outings and meetings
  • Health and wellness planning
  • Individualized aftercare planning
  • Therapy dog

Who is the Program Designed to Serve?

Individuals, who are in a career, own a business or are employed in a family business, graduate students, professional or semi-professional athletes, corporate professionals and executives, and those involved in safety-sensitive professions. Those individuals who truly need access to work during their treatment stay.

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