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Alumni Connections Newsletter

December 2022
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Happy Holidays from Gateway Foundation

To our Alumni, 

The past few years the holiday season has been anything but traditional, in large part due to the global pandemic that we all experienced together. However, this year as we return to more familiar festivities and gather with family and friends, we are mindful of the potential challenges that may confront us. 

As we establish our foundation in recovery, the holidays can both look and feel significantly different than years past, and this is perfectly acceptable. If we are completely honest with ourselves, utilizing our coping strategies and techniques – this holiday season can be like no other. Family relationships may have become strained as a result of our actions while in active addiction; this too, is perfectly acceptable and many times expected. Nevertheless, if we “suit up and show up”, we are making progress in our recovery – which despite how it may feel, will not go unnoticed to our loved ones over time.

This does not mean that we will not be faced with questions or criticism. Situations may become uncomfortable. We know this, and we ought to establish a plan and support for such instances. In times of doubt, it may feel quite difficult to pick up the phone and call someone who is willing to listen, but many times this is one of our most valuable resources. Gateway Foundation hopes to keep as many alumni as connected as possible, and will continue hosting in-person and virtual events. We pride ourselves in facilitating connection and community among our beloved alumni, and wish everyone’s holidays are filled with love and gratitude.

Happy Holidays!

Shane Hassler
Program Director, Digital Services

Coping With the Pressures of the Holiday Season

Coping With the Pressures of the Holiday Season 

WGN Daytime Chicago | Nov. 9, 2022

The Holidays can be a triggering and uncomfortable time for those battling addiction or mental health issues. We spoke with Chief Medical Officer at Gateway Foundation, Dr. Roueen Rafeyan who shares how people can cope with the pressures that come with the Holiday season.

Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities to Do in Recovery

Around this time of year, avoiding alcohol can be tricky. Still, there
are countless ways to enjoy this time with your loved ones while
staying sober. We’ve put together a list of family-friendly and sober holiday activities.

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How to Enjoy a Sober New Year's Eve

How to Enjoy a Sober New Year’s Eve

It’s no secret that society often glamorizes binge drinking, especially on New Year’s Eve and other holidays. While it can feel challenging to navigate the holiday season sober, now is a great time to recommit to your goals and connect to the true meaning behind the holidays. While it will take some planning, celebrating sober will have you waking up refreshed on New Year’s Day, ready to tackle your goals with more clarity and ambition than ever before. 

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