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Preventing Alcohol Blindness

WGN-TV Daytime Chicago | April 2024

Jim Scarpace, Chief Clinical Officer at Gateway Foundation, joined WGN-TV’s Daytime Chicago to shed light on alcohol use disorder during Alcohol Awareness Month.

Have you heard of the term alcohol blindness? Sometimes, because alcohol use is so prevalent in our society, we don’t realize the impact alcohol use disorder has on those who struggle with it. This month, and every month, we encourage you to learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder.

In this interview, Jim Scarpace discusses what to look out for, treatment options, triggers, and more. Gateway Foundation can help treat both the physical and psychological components of alcohol use disorder.

“It can feel like it’s taking away your dreams, it can feel like it’s taking away your goals, it can feel like it’s interfering with your ability to have these healthy relationships you want,” says Scarpace. “And at Gateway Foundation we can help you get those things back because we’ve treated thousands of people successfully for alcohol use disorder.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol use disorder, call 877-505-4673(HOPE) to learn more about your options. 

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