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Addicted Illinois: April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Addicted Illinois with AJ Gersh, WICS ABC NewsChannel 20 | April 2024

Mercedes Kent, Program Director at Gateway Foundation, joined AJ Gersh’s latest Addicted Illinois segment to spread awareness about the dangers of excessive drinking.

“It’s more commonplace because its legal,” says Kent, “We use it socialize, comfort, cope. However, it is the leading preventable disease.”

We encourage you to think about your drinking habits this April during Alcohol Awareness Month. Ask yourself – is alcohol causing problems at home? At work? Is drinking becoming a coping mechanism rather than something you use to celebrate?  If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol use, reach out to Gateway Foundation and take the first step towards recovery. Call us at 877-505-HOPE(4673) to speak to a care advocate.

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