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Health Alliance Drug Rehab Coverage

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Health Alliance

If by chance the costs of addiction treatment are causing you to pause, we have some information you may not know. If you have healthcare insurance with Health Alliance, then you also have Health Alliance drug rehab coverage. Translated, that means you may have enough coverage to take care of most of the costs of addiction treatment for yourself. Does this sway you to consider getting treatment?

About Health Alliance Drug Rehab Coverage

Health Alliance is a regional insurance company operating in the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska and Washington. With millions of active customers on the rolls, they provide individual and group coverage through both HMO and POS plans. The company has a stellar reputation with NCQA Rankings of 4 out of 5 within all states the company provides services.

The Affordable Care Act of 2009

Health Alliance drug rehab coverage Illinois region exists because of the 2009 Affordable Care Act.

According to the law, healthcare insurance providers must cover addiction treatment the same as it would cover any other medical condition.

While the law does not stipulate the extent of coverage, Health Alliance customers have some level of care. If you are not sure about the level of care your policy affords you, then you should read your policy summary. If it’s still not clear, you should be able to contact a customer service representative. As a last resort, our Health Alliance addiction rehab treatment centers have representatives who can help you find out more about your Health Alliance drug rehab coverage in Illinois. The same would be true of Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage Illinois offers.

The ACA also requires insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions. That means that even though you have had ongoing addiction issues, the company must still offer you addiction treatment coverage.

What Coverage Do You Get From Your Health Alliance Drug Rehab Coverage?

As we indicated above, the extent of coverage may vary from one policy to the next. According to the ACA, healthcare insurance providers must offer addiction treatment coverage in the following areas of treatment:

At Gateway, we also know clients in Health Alliance addiction rehab treatment centers get more coverage for outpatient care. How do we know that? Through experience, we have come to realize insurance companies heavily promote outpatient care. They do so because the costs are only a fraction of the cost of inpatient care. Health Alliance drug rehab coverage for outpatient services often extends to 90-100%, depending on the client’s policy.

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Using Your Alliance Drug Drug Rehab Coverage at Gateway

Gateway, a non-profit organization, has been treating addiction sufferers for over 50 years. At our facility, we do accept Health Alliance drug rehab coverage. The coverage entitles you to participate in one of our custom addiction treatment programs. Through the evolution of our treatment processes, we now emphasize evidence based treatment models, which we integrate with holistic solutions. Our stellar reputation within the addiction treatment community points to a high level of success. If you are unclear about what to expect in our facility, note this list of treatment options:

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Learn More About How Gateway can Help

Whether you have Health Alliance rehab coverage or not, we want to extend you the hand of help. You are not going to resolve your addiction issues without the help of treatment facilities like Gateway. For a complete rundown of the services we have in the offering, you can contact us at 877-379-6748.

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