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Pills to be turned in on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 2019

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 2019

Every year, there are horror stories about children dying from accidental drug overdoses. Many times, the children got hold of the drugs by going through the family’s trash. Under no circumstances is that an appropriate way to dispose of unwanted/unneeded prescription medications. Flushing medications down the toilet would also be unacceptable because of the potential…

Man likely to experience cocaine withdrawal symptoms

Can I Avoid Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms if I Quit?

You’ve likely heard how hard quitting powerful stimulant drugs like cocaine is. Of course, you’re unsure about how to cope without the happy and energetic high. Further, you’re worried you won’t be able to stay sober long term. Perhaps you’re also concerned about friendships that revolve around snorting or smoking cocaine. But, your biggest fear…