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For some, ‘Drinksgiving’ or ‘Blackout Wednesday’ can precede Thanksgiving

By Nancy Harty

Excess liquor bottles | Photo credit Getty Images

For some, Wednesday night will be the busiest drinking night of the year.

The head of a rehab organization offers ways to avoid letting what’s known as “Blackout Wednesday” or “Drinksgiving” become a bigger problem.

“Someone who’s drinking a lot of alcohol thinks that they’re 10 feet tall and bulletproof,” says Gateway Foundation Interim CEO Marc Turner.

He says they see the progression between binge drinking and alcoholism when the binges get bigger and the time between them shrinks.

Impaired judgment from alcohol can often lead to risky or dangerous behavior, so he recommends using a rideshare or designated driver.

If the reason you’re drinking too much is because of family stress, Turner suggests you set some boundaries beforehand. That includes what conversation topics are off-limits and the length of the visit.

Gateway Foundation has three residential treatment centers in the Chicago area and four outpatient centers.

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