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Recovering from Addiction in Skokie, IL

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Recovering from Addiction

People throughout the country are struggling due to the destructive power of addiction. Whether it’s drug misuse or excessive drinking, this insidious disease doesn’t care about your background, your profession or those you love. When addiction takes hold, it can be nearly impossible to quit on your own. It’s essential that residents in Skokie and throughout the state of Illinois have options when it comes to outpatient addiction treatment. Through understanding and action, you can recover from addiction and take your first steps toward a life of freedom.

The Scope of Addiction in Illinois

The primary drug threat to Illinois residents is prescription opioids. These potent and highly addictive drugs may be legal when prescribed, but they facilitate mass substance misuse. Nearly 80% of all drug overdose deaths in Illinois involve opioids. Sadly, many individuals don’t realize these drugs’ potential for addiction until it’s too late.

Other substances threatening the health and safety of individuals living in Illinois include:

Outpatient Addiction Treatment at Gateway Foundation Skokie

Choosing professional addiction treatment is not an easy decision. Due to the stigma surrounding addiction, you may be afraid that you’ll face rejection and judgment from others if you reach out for help. In reality, effective treatment is your best path to breaking free from the prison of addiction and finding a better, healthier and more satisfying life for yourself and your family.

For individuals struggling with addiction in Skokie, Gateway Foundation offers a variety of highly individualized outpatient addiction treatment services that may be your key to lasting recovery. When you come to us, you will receive a comprehensive outpatient program built on evidence-based treatment.

At Gateway Foundation in Skokie, we’ve designed our outpatient program to facilitate recovery in a safe and comfortable setting. Our addiction treatment programs offer many benefits, including:

  • Compassionate and experienced staff equipped to walk you through the physical, mental and emotional impacts of addiction.
  • The acceptance and company of others seeking help for addiction with whom you can share your experiences and stories.
  • Access to 24/7 support from our experts whenever questions arise or you need somewhere to turn.
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Alumni Community

Once you have completed outpatient treatment at our Skokie facility, you become part of the Gateway Foundation alumni community — a network of individuals and services designed to provide you with the support you need to continue your recovery journey.

Learn About the Importance of Alumni Groups

Find Hope at Gateway Foundation in Skokie, IL

At Gateway Foundation, we understand the devastating impact that addiction to drugs and alcohol can have on individuals, families and communities. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the leading addiction treatment centers in Illinois. We offer comprehensive treatments based on the most current scientific evidence as well as compassionate care that sees you as the individual you are.

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Take Your First Steps Toward Recovery at Gateway Foundation in Skokie

Give us a call at 224-998-5355 or contact us online to learn more about our outpatient programs.