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Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment in Skokie, IL

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Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment has changed and evolved significantly over the years. Today, a quality rehabilitation program should offer multiple treatment approaches, including those backed by research and evidence. If you’re seeking outpatient addiction treatment in Skokie, IL, it’s important to understand what constitutes evidence-based treatment to help you find the best care possible.

What is Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatment is a scientifically sound approach to treating substance use disorders. The strategies and methods employed are proven effective through scientific data, such as research or clinical studies. To be classified as evidence-based, the approach must be verified by a reputable organization or the scientific community.

While treatment may be called evidence-based, that does not make it 100% effective. Factors such as the type of addiction and individual circumstances all serve as variables to the success of treatment.

An important aspect of the evidence-based approach is getting to know patients to decide the best treatment methods. Typically there are two paths that are either used independently or together to form a personalized treatment plan:


This method involves the use of medication to correct biological and chemical imbalances in the brain that could be supporting an addiction.

Behavioral Therapy

This includes a host of evidence-based therapies that engage patients in recovery and help sustain sobriety. Behavior therapy instills coping skills for stressful circumstances or environments that may trigger compulsive substance use. Therapy can be employed one-on-one or within a group setting.

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How Gateway Foundation Uses Evidence-Based Medicine

For over 50 years, Gateway Foundation has been using evidence-based, science-backed treatments to set our patients up for a successful recovery. We want to help you break the cycle of suffering brought on by substance misuse. Here are some of the most common and effective evidence-based treatments offered at our Skokie outpatient treatment center:

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Science-Backed Healing at Gateway Foundation in Skokie, IL

At Gateway Foundation in Skokie, we create an outpatient environment where individuals feel safe, affirmed and ready to recover from addiction. Using evidence-based treatment methods, we offer a variety of outpatient treatment programs. If you are ready to stop living in the shadow of addiction, contact us online or call our Skokie treatment center at 224-998-5355.

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