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Residential Drug Rehab Centers in Aurora, IL

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Residential Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction touches a wide range of people from many different backgrounds. That’s why the team at Gateway Foundation offers a variety of drug addiction treatment programs aimed at helping patients find the road to recovery. Our residential drug rehab center in Aurora, IL is just one example of our commitment to providing unparalleled support and highly focused care every step of the way.

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What are Residential Drug Rehab Centers?

Residential drug rehab, also called inpatient rehab, is an effective treatment to fight back against addiction. During your program, you live at our comfortable and caring rehab facility, enjoying total support from our caring and highly skilled team of medical professionals. A residential rehab center provides a healthy environment where you receive focused support for your recovery when you need it most.

Whether you choose a short-term or a long-term stay at our inpatient drug rehab center, you will experience the same individualized and comprehensive care. You will receive assistance as you break free from dependence on drugs or alcohol, learn coping skills that will help you adopt a substance-free lifestyle, and gain support through individualized addiction therapy services.

The Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

As you begin this critical step on the road to recovery, residential drug rehab centers provide many benefits:

24/7 Support

With around-the-clock accountability, you can have peace of mind that there will be no opportunity for relapse.

Secure Location

Our Aurora, IL facility is a secure location completely free from drugs and alcohol. This means fewer temptations as there is virtually no access to substances.

Medical Supervision

Addiction is a disease that affects a patient’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Whether facing a psychological concern in the middle of the night or overwhelming discomfort due to withdrawal, your health and safety is our number one priority.

Daily Structure

Our structured daily routine leaves you with fewer decisions to make each day, making it easier to stay on track and focus on your recovery.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Services Offered at Gateway Foundation in Aurora, IL

If residential addiction treatment seems like a good option for you or your loved one, we invite you to learn more about Gateway Foundation in Aurora, IL. Our comprehensive and personalized approach to addiction treatment ensures we will create a plan that addresses your individual symptoms and concerns. You can enjoy a full continuum of care that continues long after your time with us comes to an end.

No matter what substance is the source of your addiction, you can take advantage of a wide array of programs and services from day one, including:

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Learn More About Residential Drug Rehab in Aurora

If you need focused medical and emotional support to help you find renewed hope after addiction, contact Gateway Foundation’s treatment center in Aurora today. We want to help you take back control of your life, so give us a call at 855-944-3595 or contact us online.

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