Thinking about paying for rehab treatment is enough to form a giant knot in your stomach. But when you have Meridian Health drug rehab coverage, you hold the keys to less costly treatment. In fact, your health policy may cover a significant portion of your program, if not all. You never know until you talk to a quality rehab treatment center in Illinois.

Your next questions likely include, “What types of programs does my insurance pay for?” Simply talking to your chosen drug rehab center helps you gain answers to most of your questions, like this one.

Will My Meridian Health Drug Rehab Coverage Truly Pay for Rehab?

Woman learns about the Meridian Health drug rehab coverage Illinois can offerHaving Meridian Health drug rehab coverage Illinois accepts can enable you to seek the treatment you need for a new life after substance abuse. So you can start looking for rehab with the confidence that this coverage opens doors to the right help. You simply need to find a program that accepts Meridian Health drug rehab coverage, to take the next steps toward that treatment.

Look for the Meridian Health logo on your preferred treatment center website. Or call and ask whether the rehab accepts this brand of insurance. In Illinois and throughout the United States, Gateway Foundation accepts Meridian Health drug rehab coverage. Their caring counselors verify your benefits for you when you call them with insurance card in hand.

Much of what your Meridian Health Drug Rehab Coverage Illinois pays for comes down to the level of care you need for true recovery. An addiction assessment helps treatment professionals understand your specific needs, based on your substance abuse history, health, and co-occurring conditions. Whether you need specific help from synthetic drug addiction treatment centers in Illinois or alcohol rehab from Meridian Health addiction treatment centers, you can rely on Gateway Foundation.

Your intake counselor and treatment professionals work with your insurance to determine which level of care suits your needs best. Examples of levels of care include Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient programs. Obviously, Inpatient costs more than the other two levels of care because you live at the facility 24 hours per day and seven days per week. But if you do not need that intensity of treatment, Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient programs provide the same quality of therapies and other methods.

What Therapies Does My Rehab Insurance Cover?

Beyond the right level of care, Meridian Health addiction treatment centers provide an array of therapies designed for your best chance of lifelong sobriety. These therapies help you understand why you fell into substance abuse, what you need for recovery, and how to avoid relapse. You learn much about your behaviors, thoughts, and actions that affect your daily outlook. You also learn coping skills and life skills needed to stay healthy and avoid relapse.

Some of the most important therapies you receive through your Meridian Health drug rehab coverage are behavioral therapies. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches you how your negative thoughts affect your emotions and behaviors. You also learn to change these to a more positive outlook for an improved life. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy uses many of the same methods, but also helps you with mental health conditions like mood disorders or suicidal thoughts.

The 12 steps integrate into other methods of treatment for a well-rounded approach using your insurance benefits. Learning and using the 12 steps in rehab also provides practice for joining these support groups as part of your aftercare. Being in a 12 step program in your community helps you gain support among sober peers for a higher chance of long term recovery.

Which of These Services and Treatments Does Gateway Foundation Provide?

Because Gateway Foundation accepts your Meridian Health drug rehab coverage in Illinois and throughout the United States, you can confidently seek help from this proven provider. Millions of people have gained lasting recovery from Gateway Foundation’s programs and therapies in the past 50 years. So you can too.

Programs of Gateway Foundation include:

Start your recovery off on the right foot by seeking treatment that meets your individual needs. You can find that rehab treatment using your Meridian Health drug rehab coverage at Gateway Foundation. Call Gateway Foundation now at 877.381.6538 to verify your policy benefits and start the quality of treatment you deserve.