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Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

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Benefits of Cigna

Having Cigna drug rehab coverage gives you confidence that your policy pays for some or all of your addiction treatment. This gives you an advantage when seeking the therapies, withdrawal management, and other services needed for a real chance at lifelong recovery. But what does this coverage include? Does your insurance company penalize you because you suffer addiction and need treatment?

Programs Included Under Your Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage

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Looking for addiction treatment is not like shopping for other needs in your life. When you go to a store to buy a product, you usually know how much money you have in your pocket. This means you know before stepping into the retailer what you can afford and what you cannot.

Having Cigna drug rehab coverage gives you an advantage when you seek substance abuse treatment. But you still do not know how much treatment that policy covers until you speak with an intake counselor at your chosen facility. Depending on your policy, you could hold benefits for some, a large part, or all of your treatment.

Thankfully, one call to your rehab is all it takes to learn what your policy pays for and what you must cover through other means.

This insurance verification for your Cigna drug rehab coverage Illinois offers can also open your eyes and mind to potential programs for your treatment. Examples of available programs include Inpatient Programs, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient Treatment. Your Cigna drug rehab coverage Illinois can get you will generally help you pay for the right level of care, according to your individual needs. So if you only need Outpatient treatment, your policy does not need to pay for the more costly Inpatient program.

An addiction assessment helps the caring professionals at one of your chosen Cigna drug rehab centers determine what program best suits your needs. This assessment usually takes place either before you enter rehab or as you arrive at the facility. Meanwhile, simply call your chosen rehab and answer some easy questions on the phone about your substance abuse and Cigna drug rehab coverage Illinois offers, to learn what your policy covers.

Therapies and Other Treatments You Need for Strong Recovery

Under your Cigna drug rehab coverage, you learn everything you need for long term recovery. This education includes coping skills for addiction, life skills, and relapse prevention. Cigna drug rehab centers also provide individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. These therapies help you understand your addiction and how to avoid returning to active substance abuse.

Some of the most important therapies you receive under your Cigna drug rehab coverage are behavioral therapies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps you change your negative thoughts and emotions, also improving your behavior. CBT works very well to help you achieve sobriety and maintain it. It also helps you improve other areas of your life.

Like CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps you change your behaviors. This form of CBT helps you with mood disorders and other problems that commonly go with addiction. DBT is part of Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a qualified rehab facility. Dual Diagnosis Treatment helps you recover from your addiction and accompanying mental health problems at the same time.

These therapies and treatment methods only provide a glimpse into the services you receive under your Cigna drug rehab coverage. Count yourself lucky to have this policy and its benefits, as you need help for your addiction.

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Where Do I Use My Cigna Drug Rehab Insurance?

You can use your Cigna benefits at Gateway in Illinois and throughout the United States. For over half a century, Gateway has helped people with addictions return to sobriety and build new lives in greater health than ever before. You can benefit from the same quality treatment, to become one of these millions of people who seized a new life after substance abuse and under their Cigna insurance policy.

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Learn More About How Gateway can Help

Gateway provides these programs and more. Simply contact Gateway with your insurance card in hand, to learn what your Cigna drug rehab coverage includes. You can enjoy a better life using your insurance benefits, so call 877–377–2027 now.

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