Put your IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage to work for you. Gateway is the nonprofit rehab facility that gladly accepts your insurance. Most importantly, our therapists understand that substance abuse most likely blindsided you. Here’s how you can get back on track today.

The Mechanics of Addiction

Doctor tells patient about Illinicare Health Drug Rehab Coverage in IllinoisYou never intended for drugs or alcohol to ruin your life. Gateway therapists routinely work with people whose substance abuse got out of hand. As one of the IlliniCare Health drug rehab centers, we recognize that addiction’s a disease. The chemicals in the drugs changed your brain’s functioning.

Certain neurotransmitters now rely on the presence of the specific drug to form. Besides that, you came to believe that you need the drug to function. Maybe you’ve relied on stimulants to meet deadlines at work. You think you need alcohol or pain pills to take the edge off stress.

You even know that’s not really true, and yet you continue to use. Now, there’s also the fear of the withdrawal symptoms. That’s why IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage typically pays for withdrawal management as well as rehab. Therefore, you have an opportunity to enter long-term recovery.

IlliniCare Health Drug Rehab Coverage Benefits

Do insurers always pay for drug rehab? Current legislation requires them to treat addiction as a treatable disease. Therefore, there are now Aetna, Anthem, and Cigna drug rehab coverage Illinois locals can count on. Similarly, IlliniCare Health provides managed care options for customers who enrolled in HealthChoice Illinois, Ambetter Insured by Celtic and Medicare.

Your individual policy under the IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage Illinois clinics accept will determine your level of benefits. For this reason, Gateway intake advisors run an insurance verification. It helps you understand your benefit levels. Besides that, you learn about any co-pays, co-insurance, or other expenses you might incur.


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Treatments That Insurers Cover

For most clients, withdrawal management is the beginning of their recovery journey. That’s why IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage usually pays for it. From there, you work with a therapist to determine the best approach for receiving care. Many benefit from residential rehab.

It’s an opportunity to live in a positive environment where there’s a single-minded focus on recovery. You interact with peers who’re also healing from substance abuse. This atmosphere is excellent if you need to get away from a negative peer group or codependency problems. It can also be instrumental in healing from severe addiction.

Partial hospitalization takes the residential aspect out of receiving care. You still spend the majority of your day at the facility. If you have a strong support network, this could be an excellent option for you. Intensive outpatient program participation is also suitable for people with moderate addiction.

No matter what care delivery option you select, IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage pays for evidence-based treatments. Gateway relies on these because they’ve shown excellent results in many other cases. Therefore, they could also benefit you during your recovery.

Examples include:

How to Get the Help You Need

As one of the IlliniCare Health drug rehab centers, Gateway therapists are here to support you. We can also help you understand the details of IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage Illinois locals can depend on. Besides that, we will assist you in finding the right care delivery option that works best for your situation. Once you graduate from the program, you continue with relapse prevention and a possible step-down in care intensity.

Reach out for assistance today. You don’t have to keep suffering. Put your IlliniCare Health drug rehab coverage to good use at Gateway. Call 877.379.6748 now to set up an appointment.