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Dry January could lead to long-term benefits

by Noelle Forde | Wednesday, January 11th 2023

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS/WRSP) — With the new year comes those resolutions.

For many people wanting to kick off 2023 on a healthier note that includes cutting out drinking for 30 days in what’s known as “Dry January.”

Mercedes Kent, a clinical specialist at Gateway Foundation, said participating in Dry January could lead to some health benefits.

“The sober curious movement has been going on for a little bit now and I think it’s really important that we evaluate these things,” said Kent. “Mental health wise, you continue working towards your long- and short-term goals. You notice an improvement in your emotional health. You may see increased self-confidence. Greater self-respect and maybe even a reduction in anxiety and depression.”

She said people who forgo drinking during the month could used the time to try some new activities or hobbies.

“If you are trying to do 30 days and find you aren’t able to do it. You find yourself getting cravings,” ,” said Kent. “You feel like you wanna go back to drinking, it may be a time to take a check and take a pulse on how your drinking has affected you.”

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