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Men’s Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville, IL

From fathers working hard to provide for their families to highly motivated business professionals who fall prey to the stress of their job — men face a variety of unique factors that can contribute to addiction. At Gateway Foundation, our men’s addiction rehab center in Jacksonville, IL, is proud to provide safe and confidential gender-based care. If you struggle with addiction, personalized men’s addiction treatment may be the best option for you.

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Addiction Issues That Men May Face

Addiction impacts men in different ways than it does women. Not only do men have a higher susceptibility to abuse, but there are a variety of unique issues that contribute to their addiction. Men in recovery also face additional hurdles that undermine whether they will successfully complete an addiction rehab program:

  • Peer pressure: Men are more likely to begin using substances to feel like they’re part of a group.
  • Perceived control: When men struggle with addiction, they often grapple with the misconception that their behavior is completely under control and that they don’t need outside help.
  • Embarrassment: Men tend to feel more shame about seeking help and embarrassed at the idea that others in their professional or social circles will find out they have a substance addiction.
  • Engagement: Men tend to feel less comfortable engaging in both group and individual counseling sessions.
  • Lack of support: Men are less likely to adhere to proper support and peer guidance post-rehab.

How Men’s Addiction Therapy Is Different

At our Jacksonville, IL, treatment facility, we strive to understand the distinct backgrounds of our patients. Within our walls, you will find highly individualized treatment programs, including men’s addiction therapy. Our men’s program is a gender-specific treatment aimed at helping men understand their unique experiences with substances. With understanding and education, we seek to empower men so that they can regain control over their lives.

While many aspects of the therapeutic process are the same regardless of gender, there are a few characteristics that set our men’s addiction therapy apart:

  • Trust and rapport are central.
  • We spend time getting to know each patient’s life and interests.
  • We help patients to acknowledge and deal with individual triggers, such as health concerns, relationships, financial issues and career.
  • Therapy is goal-oriented to ensure men take an active role in their individual treatment.
  • We provide patients with concrete steps to support a sense of confidence, control and usefulness.
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Treatment and Services Available at Gateway Foundation’s Jacksonville Center

At Gateway Foundation, our goal is to create individualized treatment plans tailored to the exact needs of our patients. Some men are unwilling or unable to step back from their careers to pursue rehab. Others require the accountability that comes with an intensive residential addiction program. We offer a variety of different levels of care, depending on the severity of your condition and what works best for you. This could include:

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Contact Our Rehab Center for Men in Jacksonville, IL

Regardless of which rehab center for men you choose, you can count on person-centered addiction treatment that works. To learn more about men’s addiction treatment, we invite you to contact our Jacksonville center online or give us a call at 217–286–6991