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Addiction Recovery Tech to Help in Your Recovery Journey

The impact of technology is felt in just about every aspect of human life, including substance addiction treatment. Technology is widely used to spread awareness, find resources and offer support to those affected. 

One essential use of technology in recovery is education. The Internet provides people with a wealth of knowledge of addiction and recovery. The ability to read and acknowledge such information makes the treatment process easier and faster.

While therapy and rehab are useful, most addicts won’t be able to find sobriety without using the Internet entirely. When someone is recovering from alcohol and drug use, using the Internet to find more information about their journey is extremely helpful. They’ll read about detox and withdrawal along with blog posts from others who went through the same and find the best treatment facilities.

The Advantages of Online Addiction Recovery

Inpatient rehabilitation is still the most effective method for treating substance abuse disorders. However, many things prevent people from receiving help from inpatient rehab. They include cost, leaving behind their families and finding a treatment program that’s covered by their health insurance.

Thankfully, many addiction recovery apps help people get sober. While these aren’t a substitute for rehab, they offer a free and readily available alternative to those who may not be able to afford treatment or find time to attend residential treatment. 

Best Sobriety Apps

Take a look at these six apps for alcoholics and drug addicts. They are designed to help people manage their substance addiction and keep track of their recovery.

1. Addicaid

This app offers recovery for several types of addiction, including alcohol and sex. Its features include:

  • 12-step recovery program and an option for checking in at meetings
  • Ability to chat with other users
  • Daily journal
  • Calculator for expenses
  • Eating regimen to help with cravings
  • Hotlines to call for help
  • Compatibility with iOS

2. Recovery Box

The idea behind this app is to help people be accountable to themselves. It works just like traffic lights. Users customize a list of behaviors they want to keep up with. Then, they rate their success based on a green, yellow and red-light system. By tracking these behaviors and measuring their success, the app establishes those situations that contribute to addiction and help users steer clear of them. It’s also compatible with iOS.

3. Sober Grid

Have you ever wished there was someone somewhere going through the same thing as you so that you can help each other? Well, worry no more. Sober Grid makes your wishes come true by connecting users within a location-based virtual support group. If you feel like you’re having a terrible day, tap the “Burning Desire” button, and get help from someone close to you. This addiction recovery app is compatible with Android and iOS.

4. Pacifica

If you’re feeling depressed and anxious, guidance can be found through the Pacifica app. This app offers a mood tracker, guided meditations and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you overcome your problems by breaking them up into manageable daily challenges. It’s compatible with iOS.

5. PTSD Coach

This app is a learning tool that helps people manage the symptoms of PTSD. Its features include customizable solutions for anger management, mood swings and positive self-talk. It also comes with a ‘’Find Support’’ button for when the provided answers aren’t bearing fruit in your journey to recovery. The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

6. MindShift

Just like Pacifica, MindShift is an app that helps people suffering from anxiety. It’s specifically targeted to teens and young adults and includes tools that guide users through their recovery journey. MindShift is compatible with Android.

Addiction Treatment

The role of addiction recovery tech in treating addiction is to provide an alternative avenue for people dealing with substance abuse. However, the best way to treat a substance abuse disorder is to approach a treatment facility that uses evidence-based strategies to help with addiction. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, Gateway can help. Give us a call at 877-352-9566, or reach out to us on our contact page to get the help you need. 

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