A lifelong commitment.

Like all illnesses, the disease of addiction can be devastating and can impact every aspect of life and relationships. However, long-term recovery is possible with evidence-based treatment intervention, addiction recovery support groups and a commitment to change.

The journey to sustained long-term addiction recovery begins with a treatment intervention tailored to your needs and the severity of your illness. No matter your story, Gateway Foundation has the solution.

At its base, addiction recovery is about change.

Recovery is the process of letting go of the use of all substances and self-destructive patterns, but that is only the beginning. Recovery at Gateway Foundation requires understanding, managing and improving key factors that impact daily life through a variety of addiction therapy services:

  • Recognizing your personal strengths and building upon them
  • Improving your functioning in primary life domains like relationships, work and finance
  • Understanding your triggers and how to address them
  • Building healthy coping and living skills to manage stress and conflict
  • Identifying and changing harmful thinking patterns like denial, rationalization and justification
  • Finding a safe and nurturing living environment
  • Developing healthy habits including good nutrition and exercise
  • Creating and engaging with addiction recovery support groups to help cope with life’s challenges
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Addiction recovery is not easy, and can include both personal triumphs and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Committing to positive choices, healthy relationships and an ongoing awareness of what’s required to live a life in recovery helps achieve lasting success.

Living Proof

Completing treatment is an incredible accomplishment, but the work doesn’t end there. Recovery is lifelong. Gateway Foundation provides valuable resources and opportunities for alumni to participate regularly in drug- and alcohol-free activities including sports, recreation and addiction recovery support groups. Gateway Foundation even uses technology to engage graduates for the long-term. Science shows that the greatest indicator of lasting success is sustained engagement in recovery activities and support. Call 877.505.4673 to learn more about how a strong alumni community can fortify your sobriety.

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