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It’s a tough time to be a teenager. The stress of everyday life— from peer pressure, social media and bullying, to academics, sports, family life and more—can be difficult enough to manage. When you add in addiction or a co-occurring mental health disorder, the situation can quickly spiral out of control. Our adolescent substance abuse treatment programs, through our teenage rehabilitation center, allow teens to continue their studies during treatment, so they can maintain grade placement and stay on the path toward success. Because, at Gateway, we don’t just want patients to graduate from our program—we want to make sure they graduate from high school as well.

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What to expect

For teens, it’s vitally important to catch any co-occurring disorders early on. The treatment programs at Gateway offer Dual Diagnosis Treatment, which can help adolescents better understand their addiction and any mental health disorders from a young age.

Additionally, all our adolescent substance abuse treatment programs are available online. This ensures that we fit the lifestyle and needs of our patients. More traditional in-person options such as Residential, Outpatient and Recovery Home Treatment are available to our older patients. 

As a person-centered and family-centered program, Gateway helps teens and their families achieve lasting recovery.

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Care Available from Teenage Rehabilitation Center Programs

Our online adolescent program offers a full range of care to meet all needs.

Virtual outpatient

For adolescents, a virtual outpatient program can be the ideal start to long-term recovery. It allows for flexibility and is delivered in a real-world environment. We offer a curriculum of individual and group therapy which uses clinically proven components to help adolescents overcome their struggle with substance use and co-occurring issues. This high-touch program is designed to meet the individual needs of each adolescent. We have morning, afternoon and evening programs to fit your schedule. From understanding and addressing the cause(s) of one’s substance use, to identifying new effective coping strategies to implement and set juveniles up for success, Gateway’s staff is with our young patients every step of the way.

Alumni Engagement

Lifelong recovery is possible, but it requires constant vigilance. Participating in an Alumni Engagement Program at Gateway makes it easier to stay sober while helping others maintain their promises to themselves as well. Alumni are able to participate in a variety of sober social activities, counseling and educational services throughout their lives.

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“Our program staff are positive role models for our young people. We help them engage in school, educational groups, recreational activities, family education, and daily positive reinforcements which bring out positive behaviors. They leave treatment with a customized plan for staying sober.”

Steven Vaughn, CADC, CAAP
Youth Care Counselor Supervisor