Evidence-based substance abuse treatment for men. Proven results.

Our Men’s substance use treatment programs are focused on helping men understand their unique experiences and substance use in a way that empowers them to regain control of their lives. The comprehensive, evidence-based approach at our men’s rehab center locations caters to the specific needs of men with a strong emphasis on relapse prevention and mindfulness skills.

Combining Medication-Assisted Treatment, counseling and support planning, we help patients break down the barriers that have kept them from succeeding in the past and give them the personalized tools they need to advance toward their recovery and the life they want to lead.

“The culture of our men’s program is one of community and support. Residents work hard to make new admissions feel welcome. They are as much an influence on one another’s success as our counselors.”
A’NNA JURICH, MS, LCPC, Executive Director, Carbondale
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Nearly 1 in 4 adult men reported binge drinking 5 times per month. gateway foundation rehab for men stat mens rehab center

What you can expect

Addiction varies in severity and conditions. Because of this, Gateway creates individualized addiction treatment plans that our team tailors to the needs of our male patients. Many times, this includes specific dual diagnosis treatment.

We offer a number of different ways to receive treatment, depending on what works best for you. Our programs include Residential, Outpatient or Recovery Home Treatment, for men and women, as well as online-only treatment for adolescents. Regardless of which rehab for men you choose, you’ll receive person-centered addiction medicine.

Our goal at Gateway is to help you and your family begin to heal and achieve sustainable recovery.

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Rehab for Men at Every Stage of Recovery

Our Men’s Substande Abuse Treatment Programs offer a full range of care to meet all needs.


A Residential Treatment Program guarantees 24/7 accountability and care. Also known as inpatient treatment, this type of program is effective for men dealing with severe addictions or those who don’t have strong support systems at home. How long individuals spend in Residential Treatment depends on a number of different factors, including progress and severity of addiction. Most individuals who go through our Residential Rehab for men then move on to an Outpatient Program.

Full-Day Outpatient

For those who have completed Residential Treatment in our mens rehab center or who have a good support system, a Full-Day Outpatient Program can be a great solution. Individuals receive many of the same services but are able to go home at night. Full-Day Treatment generally lasts for eight hours each weekday and includes educational services for family members. Healing is much more effective when the whole family is able to benefit from treatment.

Half-Day Outpatient

Half-Day Outpatient Treatment gives patients with a solid foundation in recovery the ability to continue treatment while still tending to responsibilities. Since this program lasts about three hours, three to five days per week, individuals are able to continue working or going to school. Individuals who have already graduated from Residential Rehab for men or Full-Day Outpatient do well with a stepdown system that includes Half-Day Outpatient. Moreover, insurance often covers this option for rehab for men, making it realistic and attainable.

General Outpatient

Continuing to pursue treatment even after finishing more intensive programs can help ensure lifelong recovery. Although our General Outpatient Program is only once per week, touching base with group and individual therapy on a regular basis has strong benefits. Additionally, patients can tailor the Outpatient schedule around their work and school schedules. Our mens rehab center locations are conveniently located throughout Illinois for easy access to treatment.

Recovery Home

When first starting out in a life of sobriety, it can be overwhelming to go right back home. A sober living situation at a Recovery Home helps patients integrate back into everyday life while strengthening their support system and building a new network of friends. They can also continue attending Outpatient Treatment during their time in sober living, giving them twice the accountability.

Alumni Engagement

In order to maintain recovery, it’s important to keep engaging in activities that encourage it. Through our Alumni Engagement Program, patients can continue to benefit from counseling sessions, group therapy and sober activities with others in the program. Lifelong recovery is possible when individuals who undergo rehab for men absorb themselves in the a sober lifestyle.

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“The extraordinary thing about our Men’s Programs are the depth and breadth of skill within our treatment team, which makes the patients feel deeply cared for and enhances their recovery chances many times over. Patients routinely thank our team for saving their lives.”


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