Addiction affects entire families, not just the individuals engaging in substance abuse. So when you seek rehab for your own recovery, your family also needs help for healing and to learn how support you in your journey. A family therapy program at Gateway provides the support and care your family and you both need. This therapy also helps your loved ones know how to help you achieve your goals in recovery, so you feel supported along the way.

Your health insurance helps you pay for the family therapy Illinois offers, just as it supports other methods of treatment in rehab. Use your Meridian Health Drug Rehab Coverage Illinois offers or even other health benefits at Gateway. Simply call Gateway for insurance verification and to learn what your policy supports.

Which Family Members Does Your Family Therapy Program Include?

Family was once clearly defined as your blood relatives. Specifically, people accepted your family as a male parent, female parent and siblings living together in one home. But late in the 20th century, people in the United States grew to accept a broader sense of family. Today’s families include anyone close to you and supportive in your life journey.

For rehab purposes and your family therapy program at Gateway, your family includes your close emotional connections that endure over time. People committed to your success in rehab and recovery are part of your family and the type of people you need around you for ultimate life success. This definition of family means the people participating in your treatment can include blood relatives, extended family, friends or anyone else emotionally invested in your well-being. For this reason, our addiction therapy services include family therapy in Illinois.

A Family Therapy Program Brings Change

Family therapy program in Illinois underway

Families function in many ways in a household or as a group. Functioning is sometimes healthy. For others, the functioning is very unhealthy. Nonetheless, the family is a system of parts working together for common goals. The family also affects each individual, in their own life pursuits.

When one person in the family changes, it affects how the whole unit operates. Addiction brings significant transition into a group of loved ones, often breaking down the unit and hurting individuals in many ways. But through positive change, you can heal the individuals in your family and bring everyone back together. Through a family therapy program, the whole unit learns how to work better together.

Family therapy for addiction helps rebuild the strength and bonds of the family. It shows the group how healthy families function and the benefits of working together toward common goals. The family learns about addiction, how to break the cycle of unhealthy behaviors related to substance abuse and how to foster healthier individual growth for the future.

Your family therapy for addiction also helps your loved ones understand your mental health problems if you require dual diagnosis treatment. They learn how to support your best mental health with sobriety. They also learn how to heal from their own struggles during the crisis the substance abuse caused. Through all of this insight, learning and communication, your family comes out of rehab treatment healthier, happier and more prepared to work together for a better future.


The role of the family in addiction recovery is significant. Family members who experience a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder may come face-to-face with a number of painful emotions. Families dealing with addiction may feel a sense of hopelessness when seeing their loved one caught in the grips of alcohol or drug addiction and may not know how to approach the situation.

While families impacted by substance abuse may develop dysfunctional coping patterns, therapy programs can encourage healthy family dynamics. 

When a family member embodies healthy roles and behaviors in the wake of addiction and recovery, he or she may hold their loved one accountable for their behavior and offer rewards for positive choices. Refusing to focus on the addict’s behavior and creating and implementing healthy boundaries are the building blocks of recovery for families dealing with addiction. 


Family involvement in substance abuse treatment is crucial. Support from family members can prevent relapses, improve psychiatric symptoms and increase the likelihood of successful treatment. 

If family members receive the education and support they need along the way, they can develop new dynamics that support the recovery of individuals who suffer from substance addiction.

Outcomes of family support, programming and therapy in the wake of substance use disorder are multifaceted. The effects of family therapies for individuals suffering from substance use disorder include:

  • Reduced problem behaviors
  • Reduced substance use
  • Better retention and completion of recovery programs


Family therapy for addiction helps the person suffering from substance use disorder as well as their family.

Because addiction can affect everyone in different ways, the entire family unit must have the opportunity to come together and heal from addiction or substance use. Individual therapy and group counseling sessions at Gateway Foundation are available to both the patient enrolled in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and their family members. 

While individual therapy sessions allow family members to voice their concerns privately, group therapy allows each person to discuss their feelings, opinions and perceptions of the situation in a more secure and controlled environment. These counseling sessions help you and your family members heal, move past the substance use disorder and feel like your voices are being heard. 

A Complete Therapy Program in Illinois Rehab Treatment

Your Illinois rehab treatment must include a complete therapy program. Gateway provides an array of therapies within multiple levels of care. So you receive the precise level of treatment you need for your best healing and greater chances of long term recovery.

Programs and therapies of Gateway include:


Your family includes the people closest to you, those also most affected by your addiction. So when you decide to enter treatment for your own recovery, your family members also benefit individually and as a unit. So choose a rehab treatment program you can trust, like the Gateway in Illinois. Gateway has helped multiple generations of Americans achieve the healthy recovery they deserve.


Call Gateway now at 877.379.6748 to learn more about the family therapy program and other aspects of quality rehab treatment. Together with the people you love most, you can build a better future. So make this call and start bringing healing and happiness back into your home, for all members of your family.

Gateway supports client visitation as part of the treatment and recovery process for clients. Guidelines have been established to ensure appropriate visits. Gateway does not restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or disability. Visitors may include but are not limited to, spouses, domestic partners, both different-sex and same-sex significant others, both different-sex and same-sex parents, other family members, friends and other persons from the client’s recovery support network. Clients receive information about the facility visiting policy upon admission. This information is contained in the program orientation packet and in the client/family handbook.