Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime in all 50 states. Specifically, it’s illegal to operate a car when your blood-alcohol level is above 0.08 percent. In other words, being pulled over by police after two to four drinks may lead to arrest. Further, drivers under 21 years old can be charged with DUI for any amount. Of course, our court system takes DUI cases seriously. That’s because the Traffic Safety Administration reported over 10,000 deaths in drunk driving accidents in 2016. Above all, judges want to prevent offenders from picking up their car keys again while intoxicated. Therefore, the first punishment usually includes a license suspension, fine, and DUI classes. Fortunately, Gateway at our outpatient drug treatment centers now offers DUI education to complete court-mandated hours.

The Definition of DUI Classes

DUI Class serious classroom businessDUI classes are short training programs that teach the dangers of driving under the influence. Counselors teach offenders about the legal and health risks of their decision. Thus, they provide prevention tools to stop this reckless behavior. Ordinarily, courts choose DUI education for first-time impaired drivers rather than stricter penalties. In that case, people must attend weekly sessions for up to six months to reclaim their license. However, skipping the required DUI courses results in harsher sentencing. Thus, Gateway has designed a DUI curriculum that keeps offenders engaged. In short, our goal is to boost self-awareness of drug and alcohol issues. Our practiced counselors ultimately want DUI program attendance to avert future carelessness.

What to Expect in DUI Classes

First, Gateway starts with a DUI evaluation for substance abuse. Offenders begin with tests to determine if they are physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. That way, therapists can decide whether the person needs additional treatment. For example, Residential Treatment, an IOP program, or a 12-step group might be suggested. Second, DUI school teaches participants to learn from mistakes committed as well as the effects of alcohol addiction. Generally, classes of 10-25 students meet to review course materials. Yet don’t picture boring lectures that are tuned out and slept through. Our DUI programs entail movies, guest speakers, and brief exams. Moreover, we foster active discussions about ways to abstain from driving under the influence and stay safe. Finally, the DUI class ends with a completion certificate to present at court hearings.

Advantages of DUI Education

Getting a mandatory referral for DUI classes leaves choice out of the equation. By and large, if court orders aren’t followed, the reprimand will be severe. Nonetheless, Gateway believes DUI training has more benefits than just avoiding jail. The DUI evaluation unlocks doors for our first-rate addiction therapy services. In effect, offenders who are unaware of their substance problem get help getting clean. Friendly counselors will personalize a treatment plan without any judgment.
Similarly, the DUI course itself teaches about the effects of alcohol and drug use. Again, this helps reform mindsets about how much is too much to drive. Hearing about the experiences of others can open patient eyes to the hazard. That’s especially true when confronted with real victims of DUI crashes. Altogether, the classes are an important step toward a fresh start for drunk driving offenders.

Choose the DUI Program at Gateway Foundation

Have you been arrested for drunk or impaired driving? Then, Gateway can help you get your license, life, and sobriety back. Namely, we’ll perform a DUI evaluation to determine the best course of treatment. Conveniently, our accredited Illinois rehab system has 16 drug treatment centers that have helped more than 1 million clients. Also, we partner with 42 correctional facilities in six states to rebuild lives behind bars. Our 50 years of experience using evidence-based therapies will improve your chances of lifelong recovery. Beyond DUI classes, our skilled clinicians provide the full continuum of care options, such as:

Don’t gamble with your freedom by risking another DUI conviction. After all, multiple offenders are charged a felony punished by several years in prison. Instead, defeat your addiction at our rehab’s high-quality DUI program. Contact Gateway at 877.505.4673 today to schedule your spot in DUI classes.