If you struggle with addiction, you might want to reflect on the behaviors that have led you to this point. Gateway’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy program focuses on helping you acquire the skills necessary to manage emotions affecting behavior. When you are able to do this, you are also working towards overcoming addiction. DBT treatment evolved from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. However, it’s now used to help both patients struggling with addiction and those with other mental health disorders.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Treatment Center IllinoisAt Gateway, our staff seeks to assist you in your recovery journey. This journey often begins with identifying and modifying the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that have led to addiction. At our facilities, you work on healing the whole person, body, mind, and spirit, through a personalized treatment plan. Our therapy plans include holistic treatments as well as Evidence-based therapies. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Illinois is one of our addiction treatment programs designed to help you succeed.

How Does the Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program Work?

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy program has seven main components. When you begin DBT treatment, you work towards achieving core mindfulness with an open, aware, accepting state of mind. You also learn to balance your individual needs with those of others around you. A primary goal of the program is emotion regulation in which you experience a range of emotions, but keep perspective while behaving in a manner according to your core values. You also learn skills for managing extreme emotions and physical or emotional pain. As you go through the program, you work towards being able to experience intense feelings while remaining rational. Finally, you learn to accept that ideas that seem opposite to yours can both be true.

When you engage in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Chicago, you focus on acceptance of seemingly opposite ideas. This is particularly important when it comes to the way an individual’s beliefs are perceived by others. You benefit from acceptance because you will no longer feel the need to defend your own truth.

Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Chicago

Gateway’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy Illinois encourages you to change the parts of your life you can control. You learn to set goals, embrace positive changes in your life, and decrease the negative behaviors that have been affecting your life and relationships. Because you learn coping skills for intense emotions, you also learn how to have a positive response to stressful situations in life. When you look at life in a different way, you also learn conflict resolution skills.

The skills you learn in our Dialectical Behavior Therapy treatment program can be transferred for use in your regular life. You practice these skills in Individual and Group Therapy sessions, where you learn to remain mindful, aware, and open about internal and external situations. Another benefit of DBT is that it forces you to address the challenges of long-term recovery and learn to work through difficult situations successfully. In our Dialectical Behavior Therapy Chicago, you also get to heal while building interpersonal relationships within our strong, supportive Recovery Community. Finally, through DBT you maintain a constant focus on your own recovery.

Evidence-Based Services to Treat Addiction

Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy program is part of a wide range of therapies and treatments used by our staff to design your personalized treatment plan. Following a belief that addiction is a lifelong illness, our team treats and supports you through the various steps of recovery, including stays at our Residential Treatment centers Illinois. Our Alumni Engagement program offers you opportunities to keep your focus on your recovery after formal therapy is completed. Our evidence-based services include:

When you’re ready to modify negative behaviors to overcome your addiction, our Dialectical Behavior Therapy program can be an integral part of your treatment. Call Gateway today at 877.505.4673 and begin working towards a sober, healthy life.