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Our Approach to Relapse Prevention Webinar

WHEN | Wednesday, January 25, 2023 @ Noon

WHERE | Zoom Webinar

REGISTRATION | Zoom Registration Here

CONTINUING EDUCATION | This webinar will offer 1 CE Credit

The approach to relapse prevention at Gateway Foundation centers around evidence-based practices. We provide client-centered treatment and Gateway is dedicated to removing the stigma around substance use disorders. This stigma can create barriers around people reaching out for help. We approach substance use disorder as a chronic medical condition that requires long-term treatment at differing levels of care. This webinar aims to outline Gateway strategies to help clients avoid relapse. This training will provide a fresh perspective into long-standing ideas around relapse prevention.

Gateway relapse prevention curriculums discussed will include:

  • disease education
  • mindfulness-based sobriety
  • twelve-step facilitation
  • co-occurring disorders

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relapse prevention plan

Relapse Prevention Plan

Addiction is a health condition affecting over 21 million Americans, often impacting many aspects of a person’s life, from physical and mental health to careers, relationships, and finances. While substance use disorder (SUD) is treatable, recovery requires more than just quitting drugs or alcohol. Indeed, inpatient care only begins the ongoing process of staying sober. 

If you or someone you know has SUD, relapse prevention training can help treat your lifestyle to help you avoid returning to substance use. Keep reading to learn more about relapse prevention, including the causes and stages of relapse, as well as the importance of holistic relapse prevention techniques. 

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Residential Inpatient Treatment

Do it right the first time!

Gateway offers many treatment programs designed to aid clients as they work toward recovery. Residential treatment centers can be an effective way to fight back against drug and alcohol addiction, and clients can enjoy total support and care every step of the way. Get familiar with the benefits of residential rehab and learn what to expect when you begin this critical step on the road to addiction recovery.

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers provide many benefits. They allow clients to have structure and support 24 hours each day. There is constant supervision, and there are zero opportunities for relapse. As a result, these residential programs give peace of mind to clients as well as their families.

When clients participate in an inpatient rehab program at any of the Gateway locations, they are secure. Our locations are free from drugs and alcohol, which means that there are fewer opportunities for temptations.

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