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Our Aurora Staff Has Been Vaccinated

We are excited to announce that all of our Aurora staff members have completed their second round of the COVID vaccine! Each of our sites are in the process of our staff being vaccinated.

Together, our team is helping stop the spread of COVID and protecting those around us including friends, family members, and most importantly, our patients.

How do Vaccines Work?

Vaccines work by training your body to respond to the disease differently. When you receive the vaccine, your immune system trains itself to create proteins that are responsible for fighting off the disease. These proteins are called antibodies, and they allow us to fight off the disease without having to get sick and experience any symptoms in the process.

The COVID vaccine isn’t entirely brand new, the material in the vaccination has been tested and studied for many years. The vaccine uses genetic material, also known as mRNA instead of actual particles of the virus. This genetic material is the protein that allows your body to create the antibodies that fight off and destroy the virus when they come in contact.

The Importance of Vaccinating Healthcare Workers

With the COVID cases continuing to rise, it’s more important than ever for our staff members to stay protected from the virus. When vaccinations first became available, healthcare workers were among the first to be eligible so they can continue providing medical care to those who need it. When working in the medical field, healthcare professionals are meeting with a number of different patients each day to provide care, which can lead to the virus being passed on. Now that our staff is vaccinated, we are not only protecting ourselves from the virus but also the patients we are seeing throughout the day because we aren’t spreading the virus along to our patients.

Healthcare workers were also some of the first individuals to receive the vaccination because they often work with people who have a weakened immune system.Often times, people who have struggled with addiction in the past experience a lower immunity because of the way drugs and alcohol affect the organs and the rest of the body. If someone with a weakened immune system catches the COVID virus, they may have a difficult time recovering and even experience more severe symptoms since their immune system isn’t strong enough to fight off the virus. As healthcare workers in a treatment center, we want to make sure we are taking any necessary precautions to protect our patients while they’re on their journey to recovery.

How Effective Is The Vaccine?

When used as intended, COVID vaccines can be 95% effective at preventing both mild and severe symptoms of COVID. As more people become eligible and receive the vaccine, the virus will start spreading at a much lower rate, and more and more individuals will continue to be protected.

Safety Precautions From Our Team

Even though we have all been vaccinated, Gateway is still taking precautions to make treatment as safe as possible. Our staff is continuing to wear masks, keep up with proper hand washing techniques, maintain social distancing when possible, and make sure our facilities are cleaned and sanitized regularly. We are taking the necessary steps to make sure your loved ones stay safe during their treatment.

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